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Evolutionary Psychology Works Against You in Traditional Dating

One of the reasons that traditional dating is such a failure where men are concerned is that evolutionary psychology works against men and women forming lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. By definition, women in relationships use men to get ahead. They use them to improve their standing. This is always done at the expense of the man. This doesn’t make women the villains, but it does make them users by definition. They cannot help it, it is part of their genetic makeup. How they choose a man, and how they behave with that man, is very much a product of what evolution has created in them over millions of years. This may sound very farfetched, but it is scientific fact. The way women and men have evolved down through the ages has profoundly shaped their romantic behaviors, and determines how and why they do what they do as couples and as family units. It all starts in ancient times, when the first humans struggled to survive. Survival, in this case, meant passing on their DNA in the form of successfully having children who were healthy enough to grow to adulthood and do the same. This was the biological imperative driving all humanity in ancient times. That imperative is still with us today, seldom recognized and always underneath the depths of our consciousness. It drives how women behave and how men react to those women. And it is the reason men and women choose different qualities.

Men, in ancient times, responded to the biological imperative to pass on their genetic legacy, their DNA, their seed, by impregnating as many women as would allow them to do so. This is how a man is designed. He stays virile well into older age, he can quickly and easily impregnate multiple women by having sex with them in quick succession, and his presence is not required for the birthing of those children. The more babies he fathers, the greater the chance (especially in ancient times, when there was no medical care and dangers abounded, driving down the average life expectancy to before what we today would consider middle age even in the best case scenario) that he would pass on his DNA to the next generation. He moved from woman to woman as long as they would allow him to have sex. And he chose his women for one quality only, and that was good health in connection with being able to give birth. He chose women who seemed fertile, in other words. It is for this reason that men find women more attractive when they are ovulating. They sense the pheromones that women produce when they are most receptive to conceiving children, and they respond accordingly. And it is for these genetic reasons that men choose women based on how attractive they are. What we consider young, healthy, and attractive all relates to fertility: A certain waist to hip ratio, firm breasts, muscle tone, and a shapely figure all speak to good health, exercise, and fertility. Men are always on some subconscious level drawn to women who are the most likely to be able to have children and bring them to term. This is why men, regardless of age, find women in the prime of their childbearing years, from very late teens to early thirties, the most attractive. Women after that age can still be attractive, yes, but it is never quite the same for a man as when he has the chance to be with a nubile twenty-something. His biological imperative is calling to him and telling him what he desires.

Incidentally, this is also why the modern attempt to normalize fatness and redefine attractiveness as “beautiful at any size” is destined to fail. Men are driven by their biological imperatives to desire women who are healthy, sexy, and in the prime of their sexual lives. This notion that women reach their sexual peak so much later than men is nonsense. It is propaganda created by feminists. Women are in their sexual peak between their late teens and their early thirties, the prime childbearing years. After that, they rapidly “hit the wall” and become far less attractive. It is for this reason that our lovely Los Angeles babes are always young, attractive, and healthy. Men know what they want in a Los Angeles escort and the Los Angeles Babes are standing by to give it to them. But our point here is that you cannot define what is sexy socially. You can’t just decide it. You can’t tell people what they should and should not find attractive because a bunch of women somewhere who are no longer attractive decided they should get to be called beautiful even though they are fat or somehow otherwise ugly. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but men and women deep down, on a genetic level, want a certain standard in attractiveness. A man chooses his woman, the one he finds most attractive, based on what he finds sexy, which is driven biologically. He will always choose the woman who turns him on the most, all other factors being reasonably equal.

Interestingly, what this means is that a man of any station in life, rich or poor, of means or of little means, will gravitate towards the same attractive women no matter what other differences you introduce. A man does not care if the woman he takes to bed has political power. He doesn’t care if she is particularly intelligent. He doesn’t care if she has a good job. He doesn’t care if she has money. He doesn’t care if she has family. He cares only that she is very attractive and that, when he takes her to bed, he gets to experience her body. That is as far as his interest goes, and it is why men the world over respond to our lovely Los Angeles escorts as readily as they do. Men want beauty. Men want a sexy, desirable woman. They are willing to compromise on almost all other factors. Their biological imperative drives them on in this regard. Thus, if a woman is attractive, a man is willing to have sex with her even if he hates everything else about her personality.

If everyone thought this way, perhaps we would have more harmony among the sexes. The problem is, women are driven by an entirely different set of biological imperatives, which are again a product of their evolutionary psychology. Through the ages, the specific physical and logistical issues attached to being the sex that carries children to term, gives birth to them, nurses them, and raises them (for the most part). For a woman in ancient times, childbirth was always a life-threatening experience. But there were numerous other factors that affected women in ways that men were not affected. To be a woman who was pregnant was to be completely helpless. A woman can only have one child at a time (twins or triplets notwithstanding). When she is tied up with a man’s baby, she can’t move or take care of herself. She is easily vulnerable to anyone who chooses to harm her, from people to animals. And for nine months, she must carry that baby and she cannot do anything else.

To be a woman who was pregnant in ancient times also meant being completely dependent on someone else for sustenance. As she became increasingly less mobile, a pregnant woman could not go and find food for herself. For her to survive, all her food had to be provided by someone willing to do the work in exchange for whatever benefit she could provide. In the case of a woman whose mate had fathered her child, the exchange is an obvious one: The protector male gets the benefit of passing on his genetic legacy and thus has a vested interest in making sure his mate receives both food and protection. That protection was from both predators and from hostile fellow humans. For as long as humanity has existed, so has politics, and there have always been human beings willing to war with and prey on their fellow human beings. A pregnant woman would be particularly vulnerable to this type of depredation.

The result of all these factors is that women, in ancient times, and thus today on a subconscious genetic level, chose their mates based on those mates’ ability to provide. They wanted men with resources, or they wanted men who could provide for them as warriors, and preferably they wanted both. A woman who was pregnant needed a man who could physically protect her from harm. She needed a man who could provide her with food and any other resources that she needed (and that were available). As a result of this innate need, women of ancient times always chose the best man they could get. He would be the strongest, and the most wealthy in ancient terms, that the woman could obtain for herself. These innate desires, these requirements, informed women back then, and they are still part of women’s genetic makeup today. A woman today isn’t primarily concerned with attractiveness in a partner the way a man is when he selects the woman he desires. She is concerned with whether he has resources and perhaps whether he is strong. A rich man can always buy the equivalent of strength, in the form of financial security and even overt security forces. A strong man, a “bad boy,” makes a woman feel on some genetic level like he is a warrior who can protect her and fight for her. Women are therefore attracted to men who have resources and men who are strong. These are high-value males as dictated by evolutionary psychology. A woman will always choose the highest value male she can find, and when she is presented with another option after making her selection, she may well change her mind and “trade up.”

This tendency of women to “trade up” is called “hypergamy.” Given the option, women will always seek to better their position. This is why rich men, no matter how unattractive, never seem to lack for lovely female companionship. Women are always willing to trade themselves to a high-value man with great resources. They will tell themselves that they really like the man, and they may be able to convince themselves of this. But the world’s billionaires do not travel with lovely women because those billionaires are exceptionally handsome. Take a certain recent presidential candidate known for his great wealth. That man famously slept with many of the world’s most beautiful women, and was married to a very lovely Eastern European woman during the time he ran for the presidency. But he is also rather laughably known for his orange spray tan and his terrible hair. He is not an attractive man. His money, his wealth, and his power make him attractive. Another famous presidential figure, Bill Clinton, was known for his serial affairs with some of the world’s most beautiful women, including a famous actress who was also a beauty pageant winner. He is nothing to look at, especially, and now in his older age he looks even worse. But his affairs have reportedly not stopped… because he has power. He has resources. He is a high-value man, the thing that all women deep down desire. Even if they do not understand why it is they are attracted to certain men, they will always respond to high value men the same way. They may not even know they are doing it because it is genetic in nature, driven by thousands of years of evolutionary psychology.

What does this mean for you? It means that going out with a Los Angeles escort provides you with a much more meaningful and honest experience of female companionship than any relationship can. Why is this? Because when you book the time of a lovely Los Angeles escort, you know that you are engaging in a business transaction. She is willing to spend time with you in exchange for the booking fee. She knows that her job is to give you a good time, and to make sure you are satisfied. She is tasked with fulfilling this goal and she does it to the best of her ability. Her job is to entertain, and that is why we consider her a professional entertainer. Your Los Angeles escort is a beautiful woman, but she is no amateur. She is not looking for a relationship. She is not looking to get anything from you. She is making her living by working through us. She does not need you to provide for her. And she is taking responsibility for your outings, which means that she is providing a memorable experience for you, not the other way around. Los Angeles escorts will always be the more honest interaction because your Los Angeles escort isn’t trying to get anything from you. She isn’t trying to trade up. Her job is to make you look like a high-value man because you have her on your arm. She is operating from the other side of the equation, so to speak. You get to sit back, relax, and take in the benefits of having this incredibly beautiful woman take care of you.

Amateur women, by contrast, are always looking to improve their positions. This means that if they are with one high-value man, and they see another man of greater value, they will always consider leaving the man they are with to be with someone else. It also means that they respect only strength. Show any weakness, show any vulnerability, and your woman will leave you. How many men do you know whose wives, especially if they were beautiful women with prospects and the ability to snare another man, were actually willing to stay with that man through financial difficulty or health problems? When a woman gets sick, or when she has money problems, most men are still willing to be supportive if they are in relationships with those women. There are of course exceptions. One notably politician had an affair while his wife was dying of cancer and in a hospital bed. For the most part, though, men tend to be more sentimental about their relationships and get more attached… partly because they fear ending up alone if they lose their current relationship. Most men know that if they end up losing a girlfriend, it could be years before they find another one. Women, especially attractive women, don’t have that worry. Most women can easily jump out of one relationship and almost immediately into another one simply by saying yes to the next man who comes along and shows an interest. She can afford to be passive because men are always expected to be the initiators when it comes to relationships. Let’s face it, guys: You will always be at a disadvantage where women are concerned (at least where amateur women are concerned). An amateur woman is always looking to see what she can get from you.

If you show weakness in the form of a lack of money or a problem with your health, your woman, no matter how long she has been with you, is going to leave. This is her biological imperative. Everything in her being is screaming at her to leave you behind and find a man who does not suffer from your weaknesses. Thus, we are willing to bet that you know men who experienced bankruptcy or job loss whose women left them because they wanted to be provided for. You will almost never hear of a woman who gets a job and chips in to work harder to help her husband or boyfriend through a rough financial time. Men do this all the time, but women almost never do. They simply aren’t willing to sacrifice in that manner. They know, as holders of the golden vagina, that they can simply spread their legs and wait for a better ticket to ride to come along. They will then attach themselves to the next man who promises to provide for them, and they will gladly abandon the man they were with.

Men want women who are attractive. Women want men who can provide. This is a biological fact, borne out by evolutionary psychology. A man will always pick the woman whom he feels is most sexy. A woman will weigh attractiveness (she can afford to pick and choose if she is good looking), but she will always weigh resources. She is much less likely to be with a man who is nice, but poor, than she is to be with a man who is rich. And she will even choose a deadbeat who has no money over a nice man who has a little more… because women want strong men. They want “bad boys.” They want warriors. And they will always leap from guy to guy, improving their standing along the way, leaving a trail of broken hearted suckers in their wake. There are so many men who have been duped by the old-fashioned model of dating and relationships who thought if they just gave enough, just sacrificed enough, just put up with enough abuse, just subordinated their own desires enough, they could finally please their shrewish, contemptuous, ungrateful women. But of course that is never the case. No woman can ever be satisfied with the man she has. That is the product of evolutionary psychology. That is biological reality. Women cannot be supportive and will never be true partners. Yet you are taught that you should seek out such a woman and dedicate your life to her in a long-term relationship such as in marriage. Why would anyone willingly do this, knowing how venal the female species truly can be? And why do men accept these disadvantages as if this mistreatment is the most normal thing in the world?

Los Angeles escorts are the better alternative to all this. Los Angeles escorts are making their living as professional entertainers. They don’t need to demand anything from you. They don’t need to trade up from you. They aren’t asking for a commitment from you. And they will never, ever disrespect you or treat you with contempt the way an amateur woman might. Los Angeles escorts represent freedom from the many ways evolutionary psychology works against you in the traditional dating process. Leave the old-fashioned dating world with its gold-digging women behind. Don’t submit any more to the demands of women who just want to push you around and tell you what to do while you work yourself to the bone for them… only to watch them leave you when you can no longer provide enough for them to keep them satisfied. And you will never make a non-professional woman happy in a relationship, they are incapable of it. That’s another thing about evolutionary psychology: It has programmed women to be “fun-suckers.” By this we mean that women, non-professional women anyway, are incapable of having fun. They detest it when the men in their lives have fun and enjoy themselves. They insist on never being out of their men’s presence if their men are going to be going somewhere to have fun… and they kill the joy in the moment when they get there.

This is why men are only too happy to let their women go on “girls’ night out” outings. It’s because too seldom do amateur women even leave the house at all. They rarely go out and have fun, whereas men would be out partying a lot more if they could be. They don’t because they know they will catch hell from their wives and girlfriends. On a genetic level, because of the biological imperatives installed in them over thousands of years of evolution, women are opposed to fun on an almost genetic level. They don’t like it when people, especially men, enjoy themselves. When they learn of a man or a group of men having fun, they will do what they can to destroy that fun. The temperance movement, which occurred in conjunction with the movement for women’s voting rights, is one great example. These wizened old crones used to march down the street using their sexuality to blackmail the men around them. “Lips that touch alcohol will never touch mine,” their signs would say. They would basically bully and hector the men in their lives to outlaw alcohol because men enjoyed drinking much more than women did. (There was a time when women wouldn’t even set foot in bars because it was considered improper; the only women in bars were barmaids and whores.) So the women of the world got the right to vote and then immediately set out to ban alcohol. The result was Prohibition.

The disaster that was Prohibition spread crime across the nation like wildfire and resulted in the gangster wars of the Roaring Twenties. People didn’t want to give up alcohol. The vast majority of men still wanted to drink, but their women had succeeded in sucking all the fun out of their lives under rule of law. Therefore, men found ways to enjoy alcohol illegally, to the extent that trying to ban alcohol was a huge mistake and a huge joke. This all goes back to the fact that women hate fun. Prohibition would never have been enacted if women had not gotten the right to vote. Women hate fun, though, so they always go out of their way to stop other people from having fun. Even if it doesn’t affect them, they hate fun on principle, and are always more content when they are controlling someone else’s behavior. This is why women are so controlling and withholding in relationships. They have been genetically programmed to be that way. The average woman simply isn’t any fun to be around. If it wasn’t that we desired them physically, we would never put up with them at all, most likely. But there are exceptions. And those exceptions are exemplified by the luscious ladies of Los Angeles Babes. Through LosAngelesBabes.com, you can book a professional entertainer whose entire business is all about fun. Our sexy young women know how to have a good time in a way their non-professional counterparts do not. They love to enjoy themselves. They love to meet men. They love to cut loose. And because the love all these things, they are very popular with men, who desire the company of a woman who can give them this type of satisfaction. This is something that amateur, non-professional women will not only never provide, but which they would never be willing to provide even if they could. Again, this is because non-professional women hate and resent fun in all its forms.

You don’t have to be with a fun-sucker. You don’t have to settle for traditional dating. You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone who does not respect you and does not treat you right. You can book the time of a lovely Los Angeles escort and finally feel what it is like to go out with woman who actually likes to have a fun — a woman who does not resent your needs or your desire to have a good time. Have you ever wondered why amateur women hate porn stars, escorts, strippers, and other women in the adult entertainment industry? All women are fundamentally insecure, and all women have some issues when it comes to competing with each other. On some fundamental level, all amateur women resent women in the adult entertainment industry because the amateurs know what men want. Men want to be happy. They want to be able to indulge their desires for lovely women without being made to feel like they must beg for it and without being treated as if they are being done a favor. In other words, men want women who enjoy the interaction between men and women just as much as men do. Men want women who are open, sensual, cooperative, and friendly. The average woman is anything but friendly. She is a vicious control freak who demands that her man toe the line or be punished with the withdrawal of affection. Why do you think amateur women enjoy giving men the silent treatment when these women are angry? It is because ignoring someone when they try to talk to you is the cruelest thing you can do to a human being. It tells the man you are with that you do not care about him and you do not care about his happiness. He is not a person to you. He might as well be a dog you are punishing for going on the carpet. Women like this, amateur women, hate the thought of losing control of the men they keep under their thumbs. And they are in very big danger of losing their men at least temporarily to the sensual professional entertainers at strip clubs and other adult entertainment venues, or temporarily to porn videos. That’s because those women represent what men want, and amateur women do not. Amateur women resent being displaced and replaced. They are insecure about their ability to keep their men because they rely on those men to provide for them.

Thus, we have come full circle. Professional entertainers are the only way to get the respect and happiness you deserve as a man. Thousands of years of evolution are working against you if you try to make a relationship work with an ungrateful, greedy, amateur woman in the throes of hypergamy. Why would any man volunteer to be in a relationship knowing how most relationships go… and how little most men get when it comes to satisfaction and happiness? The traditional dating world is one filled with waste, sadness, and regret. There is a better alternative, and that alternative is Los Angeles escorts. Los Angeles escorts are the key to finally getting the feminine companionship you have always wanted while getting none of the abuse you obviously don’t want. Don’t ever let a woman push you around again. Take back your romantic life on your terms. You want to be around beautiful women. You want to be in charge of your own life. You don’t want someone else telling you what you can and cannot do. And you don’t want some greedy woman getting together with you just so you can work and provide for her, a creature who will leave you as soon as you lose your job or have some health problems. We think it’s a terrible shame that men get such a raw deal on the conventional dating scene… and now, with Los Angeles escorts, you can finally take back what is your due. Los Angeles escorts represent fun, excitement, and sensuality all in professional package. And the best part is, you can even pick the Los Angeles escort who best appeals to you.

All men are different. All men have different preferences. All men find something else particularly exciting, and all men have fantasies they would like to fulfill. Have you always dreamed about dating someone of a specific race? Do you want to be with a woman who has a particular hair style or hair color? Is there a type of outfit you find most sexy, like a miniskirt or yoga pants or something like that? Is there some way your Los Angeles escort could better meet what it is you want her to be, could better become the dream date you have always wanted? If so, let us know. Give us the chance to prepare for you the best possible escort experience. Los Angeles escorts are some of the most beautiful women in the country and in the world. Los Angeles is known throughout the world for the film and entertainment industry. We have more “beautiful people” per square mile here than in any other major city in the world. And what a city it is! Los Angeles is an incredible destination, the sort of place where all your dreams can come true. If you have always wanted to be with a certain kind and description of woman, then let us know. Contact Los Angeles Babes today and describe in detail what you are looking for. Our luscious ladies are standing by to fulfill your desires. They want to please you. They want to create memories that will last a lifetime. And they know how to show you a good time while protecting your privacy and treating you with respect.

This is what is missing from most relationships. Most women simply do not respect their men. In some ways, it can hardly be considered their fault. Our movies and television and popular culture today constantly reinforce the idea that men are stupid, that men are inferior, that men must be controlled like reckless children, and that women are always smarter and better. Attractive women, especially, know that they command a premium. The ones who do not become professional entertainers like our lovely Los Angeles escorts inevitably develop an attitude problem because of the way society dotes on them. The result is that men are always at a disadvantage when dealing with women. It’s the same reason that a man who sleeps with countless women is lauded as a hero, while a woman who sleeps with many men is considered a slut. That’s because for a woman to sleep with as many men as she desires is the easiest thing in the world. All she has to do is say yes to someone. Women can have relationships whenever they want. They don’t even have to be attractive for this to work. They simply have to lower their standards and perhaps hang around a bar at closing time to find a man willing to take them on. This contrasts sharply to what men must go through to land many women.

Men must fight through so many barriers to meet and get women. It is so difficult. We talked before about men who find themselves suddenly single. This is terrifying because men are social creatures. We want to be with beautiful women. We want to spend time with people whose company we enjoy. We want to have fun. And want to enjoy that fun with female companionship. It simply isn’t fun to do it any other way… and all straight men feel the heat of their desire when it comes to sexy ladies. We cannot help it. Genetically, it is built into us, burned in and reinforced over countless centuries. Men want beautiful women… and when you book one of our Los Angeles escorts, you can finally get the female companionship you desire, free of strings and baggage, knowing you will be treated, finally and at last, with respect. Respect is very important. Let us show you just how important it is to us by hooking you up with one of our luscious Los Angeles escorts today. A Los Angeles escort is a beauty like no other… and she is fun like no other woman can be. Contact us today and let us show you how it’s done. Let us show you that our business is built on integrity, honesty, and client service. Let us show you how gorgeous our talent is. Let us into your world… and we will bring you over into ours. The time to contact us is now!

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