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Pretty little Rose may look innocent, but don’t let that innocent look fool you. Deep down she is a wild child who has fully embraced the life of an escort, and who has the stamina and the energy to keep up with this demanding but incredibly fun way of life.

Weight120 lbs

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“I enjoy playing with people’s expectations,” Rose says. “Sure, when a guy thinks you’re sweet and innocent, that’s definitely a turn on. There are probably different reasons for that. In some cases, I think guys are attracted to innocence because they’ve seen so many girls who are anything but. They’re ready for a change of pace. They want a girl who doesn’t seem used up. But then there are guys who see an opportunity to turn an innocent girl out. They want a chance to corrupt something innocent. It’s not a bad thing to think. It’s just a turn on. It’s something that most guys think about, a fantasy that most of them have.”

“Me, I like to be innocent until it’s time to show off,” Rose explains. “I like to show a man that there’s the best of both worlds waiting for him. On the one hand, he’s got a hot, sexy young lady who can seem classy, fresh, and innocent… but he’s also got a little firecracker who’s not afraid to give it all she’s got. I think it’s great that people are willing to give me a chance to entertain them. I love being a professional entertainer whose job is to have fun for a living. Every day, every weekend, I go out and enjoy something new and exciting. That’s something that not a lot of people can say.”

Rose is an extremely popular escort. Book her time today and let her show you why that is.

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