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Sizzling Manuela is an excellent choice if what you’re looking for is a memorable night of partying. She’s also equally comfortable if what you’d rather do is spend some quiet time getting to know her. Manuela is a remarkably friendly young lady who knows that every man just needs to be listened to and respected in order to have the best time possible. She believes she is very skilled and very experienced at giving her clients precisely the experience they are looking for.

Weight122 lbs

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“Every woman has a superpower,” Manuela explains. “She just has to tap into it. I think most women, their superpower is not merely their bodies. Yes, a toned stomach, a tight rear end, a great rack, these things all make a difference. They turn heads and they command attention. They get people to stand up and take notice, especially men. But also women, as we women, we love to compete with each other. We love to see who can tell which of us is sexier. We love to know that we are the hottest one, and if we are not, we’ll do anything to prove that we’re still a better time. That’s women for you. It’s part of our nature.”

Manuela goes on, “When a man feels you are paying attention to him, then he is yours. That’s all a man wants, really. He wants someone to take him seriously. He wants someone to listen to him and to value what he has to say. So many men go without that in our world. Why should we deny them that? And why would we want to? A woman who can give that to a man can ask anything she wants in return. That is how grateful a man typically is when he is treated well. I know.”

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