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Incredible Lexi is a bisexual who is very frank and open about her adventurous tastes. She loves to be both men and women, and considers it her way of getting the best of both possible worlds. She also has very strong opinions about women who try to claim to be things they are not in her industry, and she prides herself on being very good at fulfilling her escort assignments.

Weight120 lbs

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“This is a sexy industry,” she says, “and so you’ll always have some of those girls who think they can try to be who they aren’t in order to get ahead. They know that men have bisexual fantasies about women. They know that men love to see sexy, hot women together. So they play up to that, even though they don’t mean it. I’m not that kind of girl. I don’t do anything because someone expects it. Everything I do, I do because I enjoy it. I do because I want it. And I have no problem at all expressing just exactly who I am.”

Lexi goes on, “I think you have to be the one who actively defines your identity in this world,” she says. “Otherwise, you run the risk of letting other people do it for you. To me, that’s unacceptable. I’m the one who chooses who I am. I’m the one who says where my life is going. I am the captain of my soul and the master of my fate. Anybody who tries to tell me otherwise, well, he’s in for a surprise. Whether I’m getting close to a man or running my hands up and down a gorgeous girl’s body, I’m the one who’s in control of that situation. I’m the one calling the shots. And I absolutely love what I do. Just ask anyone.”

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