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Karen is a former pole dancer who enjoys playing the lottery, slot machines, and poker. She enjoys exploring the city’s night life and she has a large collection of tight, sexy mini-dresses. She enjoys horseback riding.

“Horses are kind of stupid,” Karen admits. “They’re really not bright. They’re like these big dogs who lack a lot of the great qualities that dogs have. A dog won’t buck you off and then step on your skull and crack it open, but a horse can. But still, as dumb as they can be, they’re also majestic, beautiful animals. Riding a horse is as close to being some kind of other creature, like a magical centaur, as any of us ever gets. And you know that old joke: Technically, we’re all half centaur. But seriously, when I’m riding a horse, feeling all that power and all that muscle surging beneath me, that’s pretty special. When I’m riding a horse, I feel, not just powerful, but free. The wind moves through my hair and I get a great workout for my thighs while I’m at it. Horseback riding is great for your legs and for your core. Everybody wins, really. As long as you don’t get thrown or stepped on, of course.”

Weight120 lbs

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Karen explains that the reason she likes playing the lottery is for the sense of opportunity that it offers. “It’s something very special to change your whole life,” she says. “I saw that in a movie once. The man said that he never actually knew anybody who changed his life. Well, winning all that money, winning millions of dollars, that’s one of the few things that really could change your whole life for the better. And when you play the lottery, that change could come in an instant. It could come in the time it takes to buy a ticket and read it. It could come in the time it takes to scratch something off. And sure, the chances that you’re going to win are worse than the chance of being struck by lightning… but people still win. Every person who ever won the lottery was someone who didn’t think it was ever going to happen to them, but they figured, hey, at least there’s some chance, no matter how small. And for them, the chance paid off. I think that’s an incredibly hopeful thing. That’s the kind of hope and promise I want in my life, every day, knowing that even though I’m happy with my life, even though I love my job, and even though everything is going great for me, there is a chance that one day, just on a dime, on a dollar and a dream, that could all change and become even better. That’s a truly profound idea, when you stop to think about it.”

Karen is an expert on the local area, she explains, and this makes her an excellent date. “Knowing where to find the hottest clubs and the best parties,” she says, “is what makes me such an asset when we go out. I’ll show you a great time, yes, but I’ll also make sure it’s a stylish time. It will be the kind of date you’ll remember for the rest of your life, the sort of thing your friends will be jealous of. Every time I go out with a client, that’s my goal. I want to build for a him the memory of a lifetime, that incredible experience with a beautiful woman that he’ll always remember and that he’ll be very proud of. That’s my mission as your date and your escort.”

Karen believes that pursuing every possible opportunity is the key to truly enjoying your life. “How does that old saying go?” she asks. “’Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down once in awhile, you’re going to miss it?’ Well, honestly, that’s terrible advice. If life moves fast and you want to make sure you don’t miss out on it, you’ve got to pick up your game accordingly. You’ve got to be able to move as fast or faster. Otherwise, how are you going to catch up to that opportunity? What is it you think you’re going to do? If you aren’t able to take up somebody on an offer fast, if you can’t be spontaneous, then you’ve got no hope at all of living an adventurous life. Adventure is by its nature spontaneous. It takes hard work and a willingness to take risks to embrace it all. To me, that’s what life is all about. It’s about risks.”

Karen’s fondness for taking risks and being a daring adventurer has served her well throughout her career as a Los Angeles escort. “People expect you to have a certain way about you, to have a kind of confidence and self-assurance. They want somebody who is in complete control of who she is, somebody who knows the score and has the experience to get the job done. That’s what I bring to the table. That’s the skill I offer. I wouldn’t change how I’ve approached life, not for anything. I’m proud of who I am and how I’ve gotten here. They say you can’t please everybody in life so you’ve got to be able to please yourself. Well, that’s the approach I’ve taken. Everything I do is entirely for me. That’s the story and I’m sticking to it. I am definitely my own best friend.”

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