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Julia enjoys riding on motorcycles, dancing, listening to her man, and being spontaneous. She is the kind of girl who is comfortable in the boardroom or in a bar. She prides herself on being able to deliver a great experience for her clients no matter what kind of setting her date wants to take her to, and she is always happy to meet new people.

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“I think the most powerful thing you can do, as a woman, when you want to make a man happy, is be a good listener,” she explains. “Most men figure that a woman isn’t going to listen to him. I mean, sure, they’ll listen superficially, but most women simply aren’t very good at showing a man that his opinions matter. Every guy, he just wants to be taken seriously. He wants a little respect, and he wants a little kindness. Yes, he wants to be intimate with you, because everybody likes the pleasure of being with the opposite sex, but he also wants to feel like you actually care. I think you’ll find just about every guy, after he gets done sleeping around, eventually goes looking for something a little deeper, a little more meaningful. If you can listen to a man when he wants to talk, if you can open up yourself to him by listening for him, he’ll open up to you. As he does that, he gets more and more relaxed. He gets more calm. Every client wants to enjoy himself when we go out, but he may not know how to unplug, how to relax. It’s hard to kind of decompress from the stress of your everyday life, especially if you have a very stressful job or personal situation like so many of our clients do. That’s one of the reasons they come to us in the first place, because they can’t take the time to engage in more traditional dating, or they’re just fed up with dealing with women who have baggage and who will inflict a lot of drama on them. So when I go out with a guy, I just shut my mouth and listen to him for a while. I let him get comfortable with me. I let him share what he wants to share. And as he relaxes, he starts to have a better time. We start to have more fun. The more time we spend like that, the better the date is… and before you know it, he’s ready to come back again. He’s now a repeat customer and he’s very happy with the service we provide.”

Spontaneity is something on which Julia really prides herself. She sees it, not just as an advantage in her job, but also the best way to approach life. “Life is unpredictable,” she says. “You don’t want to just let it pass you by, miss out on the opportunities that it offers. So in order to make the most of it you’ve got to be flexible. You’ve got to be ready to embrace whatever comes your way on short notice. That means at the drop of a hat you’ve got to be willing to take off on an adventure, even if you have doubt and if it’s a little scary. That’s the best way to approach life because when you live like that every day, you never miss out. And if that day happens to be your last one on the planet, you’ll know you lived it up while you had the chance. You didn’t miss anything. The day you stop being spontaneous is the day you stop being.”

Julia’s devotion to being the best escort she can be is one of the reasons she remains one of our most popular bookings. She gives one hundred ten percent of herself at all times and believes that it is this work ethic that will propel her toward all of her dreams in life. “I’m not afraid of hard work,” she says. “People have told me that I’m a workaholic before, and to that I say, no way. I’m just a perfectionist. You will always be judged by how you do your job, how you present yourself, and how you put forth effort. I believe in always putting forth maximum effort so that the people around me will be impressed by who I am. It isn’t enough to just do enough. You’ve got to give so much of yourself that people stand up and take notice. They’ve got to be surprised, even shocked. They’ve got to remember you. When you give of yourself, you want to make an impression.”

Julia is used to turning heads and getting that attention. From the time she turned of age, she has been the sort of girl whose body makes men follow her with their eyes. She is very accustomed to being the kind of girl who can get whatever she wants, but who often gets a lot of attention whether she wants it or not. “That attention is a blessing and a curse,” she says. “It’s impossible for me to keep a low profile when I’m dressed to the nines. People always respond to my body. I’m proud of that, and I’m proud of who I am, but the fact is, you can’t turn it off. I don’t suppose I would want to, but when you look like this, you are a sexy girl all the time, and there is no getting around it. That’s just me.”

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