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Irina enjoys fast cars. She loves to make her own clothes. She enjoys stripping and likes posing for naughty photographs.

“It’s a cliché and I know it is,” says Irina, “but powerful engines, fast cars, race cars, motorcycles… I like them all. I like being pushed back into my seat while the driver really floors the accelerator. I love all of those videos all over the Internet of hot girls just losing their minds in tight little outfits while they just spill out of their clothes and the car they are in tears up the road. I always picture myself in that passenger seat, feeling the engine hum and rumble. I want to feel those vibrations pushing through me. I want to smell the burning tires as we just tear up the asphalt. I like the idea of just racing along, free and clear, with white lines climbing behind us. Is there anybody who doesn’t enjoy that kind of thing? I know, it’s scary for some people. When I go really fast I can feel my stomach drop out beneath me. I’ve talked to guys who say they can feel their balls trying to climb back up inside when they get really scared. That’s your body’s physiological reaction to intense fear. But that thrill, that’s the same experience that people always hunt for. When you go to an amusement park, when you ride a roller coaster or some other kind of fast ride that pushes your body and subjects you to g-forces, that’s what the ride is all about. It’s chasing that thrill. We all want to walk up to the edge of danger, get a good dose of fear, without ever actually feeling like we could be lost. We like just teasing danger. That’s what fast cars and enjoying them are all about.”

Weight120 lbs

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Irina explains that making her own clothes is a way of achieving the best possible results for her dates and her job. “I just love nice clothes,” she says, “but the fact is that clothes are expensive. I make good money, but I always want more clothes. And when you buy off the rack, no matter how expensive that dress or that skirt is, you’re buying something that wasn’t made for you. Every body shape is different. I know I have a pretty nice body shape, nicer than most, but that doesn’t mean that every outfit, every pair of jeans, every blouse fits me. In fact, it’s harder to find clothes that fit properly when you’re looking for something that really shows off your curves. Tight clothes have to be tailored just right if they’re going to show you off and not look silly. So I design and custom make my own clothes to better show off what I’ve got. I like to really wow whoever I’m with by showing them my body in an outfit that is as tight as I can make it. Taking the time to dedicate yourself to that kind of effort, that kind of attention to detail, really pays off. You quickly get a reputation as being the kind of girl who puts in the time to take care of herself, and who always looks extra nice. Guys appreciate that. Especially now, when so many girls leave the house in sweats just looking like slobs, a man appreciates a girl who takes the time to dress nice and look good for him. It shows that you respect him and you care about pleasing him. I think every guy responds to that. It’s a universal cue, I think, for men and women.”

Irina admits that her love of stripping and posing for photographs is an aspect of exhibitionism. “When you work as a Los Angeles escort,” she says, “you have to be something of a showoff. You have to be comfortable with people looking at you, staring at you, following you with their eyes, and undressing you in their heads. It’s all about you and your body. If you’re not comfortable being the center of all that attention, then this job definitely isn’t for you. I know I’m on display from the moment I take my client’s hand that first time. When we go out, we’re going to be turning heads. We’re going to be getting noticed. And every man who sees me dressed so sexy like that, he’s going to be a little jealous of my client. He’s going to wonder how he could get with somebody like me. And the women who see us are going to hate on me a little, because they know I look good and they wonder if they measure up. It’s all part of the glamour game that is being an escort. I love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Irina has no patience for women who think it’s somehow wrong or bad to be sexy and to indulge in the sensual side of your nature., “I have no use for prudes,” she says. “I think you’ve got to acknowledge who you are as a woman if you’re going to get anywhere in life. I have no patience for anybody who says otherwise. God gave us these bodies for a reason. We are as sexy as we are because we’re meant to be. I love being a lovely young woman. It’s the reason I was put here on this Earth, and I love being able to share that with other people. It’s a great feeling.”

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