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Haylee is into astrology. She enjoys fetish play. She also enjoys four wheeling and dirt bikes, and is a big fan of solitaire. We think Haylee’s other charms are fairly obvious. She is a lovely and fun-loving young lady who has dangerous curves and a thrilling disposition.

“One of the reasons I’m into astrology,” Haylee admits, “is that I like the idea that the universe is connected. I’ve never been terribly comfortable with the notion that we’re all just kind of random, that everything that happens, has happened, or will happen is just the product of chance. I don’t like that idea at all. Astrology is one of those things that tell me there’s more to the universe, a kind of reason and order to how things work. I don’t know if you can really use it to predict things, or if it’s a realistic way to assess someone’s personality. I do know that it was pretty silly when it first came out, and people were honestly asking other people in bars what their sign was and stuff like that. That was before my time, of course, but it’s still pretty funny, and you see things about it in movies from the time. People’s attitudes were just different back then.”

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Haylee explains that she loves movies from the seventies because she finds the era fascinating. “It was a time of liberation and the growing pains from the Sixties,” she says. “It’s like people weren’t sure what was ridiculous or not. So bell bottoms and outlandish hair and your shirt unbuttoned to your navel with a lot of gold chains, that was all just seen as a possibility. Like, why wouldn’t we do it, you know? And then later we look back and everybody from the Seventies, the guys anyway, just look so ridiculous. The women were sleek and sexy back then, even in some of the weirder outfits, but it’s so hard to take them seriously back then. I guess that’s just the danger you undertake whenever you conform to the fashion of the day. Whatever seems perfectly normal to you when you’re in fashion runs the risk of seeming ridiculous a decade or two later. I remember seeing a show from the Seventies where the characters were talking about thin ties and wide ties, and you realize that fashion always just goes in cycles. What’s normal today could be abnormal tomorrow and then come back around to be in fashion again if you wait long enough. People are so strange that way.”

Haylee further admits that her fascination with cards is more tactile than it is anything else. “I enjoy the way cards feel and sound,” she explains. “I don’t like to play card games on my phone or on the computer. I like to have physical cards in my hand. I like to feel them as I shuffle them and bridge them. I like to lay them out on the table in front of me. Solitaire is perfect for me because it gives me the chance to enjoy doing all those things, plus laying the cards out and staring at them, moving them around. I never cheat at Solitaire. I don’t understand why anyone would do that. A victory you don’t earn that exists only for you isn’t a victory at all. Nobody will ever see it or know that you cheated, except you. That’s why I don’t do it.”

Haylee looks forward to meeting new people on every escort engagement. “I love that my job is to party with fun people,” she says. “Every day is fun.”

Haylee goes on, “Each time I meet a new client, I am thrilled by the chance to get to know him. There is so much about a new person to learn, and so very little time to do it in. Every day we all cross paths with countless people. Have you ever wondered about that? Have you ever thought about the stories that all those people have, all those strangers rushing here and there. When you’re driving down the highway, do you think about where everybody else is going and where they came from? Every one of those people has a past and a future. They’re all doing things that are to them the most important things in the world. It’s kind of hard to conceptualize it, when you think about it. The world is far more vast than we think it is, and far bigger than we ever want to give it credit for. I think that’s pretty amazing. And I love to be amazed. I love knowing that we live in that kind of overpowering universe.”

Haylee is a vivacious party girl who loves to have fun. She likes to keep it casual and knows that a lot of guys need different things when they go out on dates. “As a Los Angeles escort I get to be different women every night. I’m what you need. I’m all that you need. When you go out with me, you know you’re going to get exactly what you want. That’s what makes me special, and that’s what makes the Los Angeles escorts experience special. You should stop waiting and book with us. You need to fulfill your needs. You need to experience what you want. That’s what I can give you and I encourage you to contact us today so we can get the party started. I’m waiting for you. Contact me today.”

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