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Elena admits she likes “bad boys” and fast cars. She is afraid of heights, but nonetheless has forced herself to try climbing and hang gliding. She says she does not regret for a moment the adventures she has had.

“Climbing those rock walls, you know, the artificial ones they have at festival events, that is pretty hard for me,” she admits. “I really have to force myself to do things like that because I get vertigo if I look down while I’m up there. I have to admit, the first time I tried it, it was because the guy running the ‘ride,’ if you want to call it that, was really hot. And I was feeling pretty good about myself that day. I was dressed in super tight yoga pants and a tank top, and it was nice weather, and I figured he could get a pretty good view of me when I climbed up there with him beneath me. So I went for it. It made me pretty nervous. My hands were sweating. But when he got close to me to buckle that harness on, and I deliberately moved so that his hands kind of went places maybe they shouldn’t have, we both knew what was up. So I let him get a good long look at me while I was climbing, and then I slipped, and he helped me get down and he put my feet back on the ground, and when I looked into his eyes it was the most incredible electric spark. We ended up going out a few times after that, and we stayed pretty low to the ground. Not much higher than the bed in his bedroom, in fact. I think that might eventually help me get over my fear of heights, that kind of thing. You never know, I guess.”

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Of her affection for “bad” boys, Elena knows that these are things that don’t always work out. “Look, I think every woman has that ‘bad boy’ fantasy,” she says. “And on some level, we all know we’re kidding ourselves. Think about all those pop songs from empowered, strong women that are all about how they want a man to treat them right, respect them, make enough money, and all that kind of thing. Well, let’s be honest. A bad boy isn’t that guy. He isn’t necessarily a hard worker and he certainly isn’t going to bow down to you or make you his priority. A bad boy is a man before he’s anything, and that’s why they are attractive. All women, deep down, want a real man. They don’t want a doormat. They want this thrilling animal, this beast of prey, that they can’t control. It’s part of the thrill of being with someone like that, of knowing that he’s pretty much going to do what he wants to do. You can pine away wishing that a bad boy would treat you like Prince Charming, but he’s never going to. You’ll be very disappointed if you don’t understand the difference between that bad boy and the white knight every girl claims she wants. Girls say they want that white knight, but they really don’t. They want a man who’ll make love to them like a savage and who they can’t tame. What’s a tame animal? He’s just a pet, and every woman who has a pet doesn’t respect him. She’ll use him for what she can get out of him and then she’ll throw him away. What will turn her head will be another untamed man. That isn’t politically correct but it’s true.”

“We all have fears,” Elena says. “A lot of girls will tell you they live their life without fear. But the fact is, if you want to truly enjoy yourself, if you want to be the kind of person who other people consider fun loving, your fear has to take a back seat. You have to be willing to do the wild things. You have to embrace being that wild child. I think the reason people respond to anyone else who is the life of the party, who is that wild child, is because we all have things we want to do but are afraid to try. We all have things that our inhibitions stop us from doing. So when we meet one of those people who doesn’t let their fears or inhibitions get in the way, we naturally admire them. We want to be like them because we see in them a courage that we don’t see in ourselves.”

Elena goes on, “That’s what draws people to the life of the party. We’ve all known somebody who just lights up a room when they walk into it. I think if we really go to know those people we would be surprised how much of their own fears, hurt, and pain they hide… but the fact is, we all admire somebody who has that kind of energy level. We all want to be like them because we want the opportunity to achieve our best selves. All of us are on a journey to be the most realized versions of ourselves that we can be. I think we’d be crazy not to acknowledge that, even if we’re just wondering what to do on a Friday night. Partying is fine, but partying when you know why you’re doing it, that’s even better. That’s why I love my job as a Los Angeles escort so much.”

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