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Denise enjoys watching body building competitions on television. She collects stuffed animals. She is very driven to be a successful escort.

“I make no excuses for being a very ambitious young girl,” she explains proudly. “I want to be known as the best escort in town. I want to be the sexiest and the prettiest. When people think ‘escort’ in this city, I want them to think of me, and how incredible I can make their evening, and how much fun I am to be around. They say in this life that you’ve got to set your goals and pursue them, that you’ve got to reach out and grab that brass ring, that you’ve got to seize the day and all that other nonsense you see on inspirational posters. Well, that’s me. That’s what I’m about. I’m going to do that. I’m going to set my goals, and set them high, and then work every day to be the best damned escort this town has ever seen. And the more I work my way up, the higher in demand I’ll be. People will remember that we dated. They’ll remember what it was like. I’ll build incredible memories with them, blow their minds, give them the time of their lives. That’s what I can do. That’s the ability I have to please people. I’m not going to let anybody get in my way. Not now, not ever.”

Weight118 lbs

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Denise admits that she has a softer side, but she doesn’t often let it show. “I’m a girly girl at heart,” she says. “I like stuffed animals. I like perfume. I like to soak in a hot bubble bath and caress my sexy, wet legs and cup my firm breasts. I like to feel what it’s like to be me. I luxuriate in it. I am definitely a very feminine girl. But of course in this industry, people expect you to be hard and cynical. It isn’t always easy to let your softer side out to play, so it takes me a while to open up to people. That’s in my personal life, I mean. In my professional life, it’s my job to help my clients open up to me, so my sexy, feminine side helps me to do that. It helps me to engage with people and to get them to see me as a friend, because I am. I am all about helping other people, and the more I can give a man a good time, the more I have helped him. Some of the clients who come to me have never had the pleasurable experience of going out with a truly beautiful woman who knows how to put her date first. Some of them have dated some truly top-caliber talent, but they haven’t really had the chance to enjoy it, because they weren’t treated right. How can a man enjoy himself if he feels like he’s auditioning the while time? You’ve got to put a man at ease if he’s going to have a good time. You’ve got to help him to relax. He has to know that he’s with a friend, that he can trust you, and that if he wants to open up and tell you what’s in his heart and soul, that you’ll listen to him and you won’t judge him. I think men handle rejection pretty well; it’s being made fun of that they can’t stand. What’s worse: Asking some girl to dance in a club and having her say no, or asking her to dance and having her friends laugh at you if she says no?”

Denise loves any chance to show off the kind of go-getter she can be. She admits that she is very competitive. “I have always wanted to be the best escort in the Los Angeles area,” she says. “There is no such thing as second place with me. A good escort has to be a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but most of all, she’s got to be professional. She’s got to be able to show her client that she cares. She has to be friendly and engaging. She has to have the stamina and imagination to do the job well. And she has to be the kind of girl who can present her best face, her best side, no matter what. Day or night, work or play, with the line dividing the two continuing to blur, she has to be able to show everyone that she’s the best there is. She’s got to be comfortable with being the center of attention and she’s got to be capable of showing off for others. A good escort is the center of attention because she’s sexy, she’s stimulating, she’s sophisticated, and she’s put together. That means being able to hold different conversations with different people. It means you’re always on your mark, always on stage.”

Denise takes her responsibilities as an escort very seriously because she knows her clients are counting on her to build memories that last. “Sometimes, a guy has been waiting his whole life for the experience of being with a Los Angeles escort. If you’ve done it before, it’s no big thing, but when it’s your first time, you are going to remember it. I love building memories for people. I love helping them to enrich their lives and make themselves happy. Being able to make other people happy, that’s what this job is really all about.”

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