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Cindy is a bisexual who does nude and tantric yoga. While she realizes that this makes her a stereotype among escorts, she is okay with this. She does what she does because she enjoys it, she explains, and not in hope of gaining attention from others, be they male or female.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Cindy says. “I love attention, both from men and from women. But I don’t want anyone to think that I change who I am, who I like, or what I do based on what I think people will think about those things. I can’t see running your life for somebody else’s approval. It’s never going to work that way. You’ll drive yourself insane before you’ll accomplish anything. And at the end of the day, you can’t make everybody happy anyway, so why should you make yourself miserable in the process? Someone’s got to be happy, so why shouldn’t it be you? The fact is, I’m bisexual. I’m equally attracted to both men and women. I think it’s the best way to get the best of both worlds. You’ve probably heard that in nearly every description of bisexuality you’ve ever read, but it’s true. I love the soft, supple curves of a woman. I love how her body feels pressed up against mine. I like knowing that we both understand how to make each other feel good, how to bring each other pleasure, because we’ve grown up as women and we understand the terrain. But I like the strength of a man, too. I like the feeling of a man all hard and masculine up against me. I like how men smell. Give me a masculine force any day, especially when I want to feel his hands on me enjoying me. And I like the way men kiss, the way they explore you. But that also compares to how a woman kisses. Women are sensual and soft and when you press your lips against a woman’s lips, it’s one of the nicest feelings in the world. Now you see, I hope, why I don’t want to give up either one. I just couldn’t choose, and I don’t want to. The best part is, in this modern world of ours, I don’t have to choose. It may be unfair, but when you’re a young, attractive woman, and you’re attracted to other young, attractive women as well as men, your bisexuality is very much accepted. It doesn’t face the kind of cultural or political debate that bisexuality might, sometimes. And you know what? I’m okay with that. It means that I get what I want, and my dates get to enjoy it… so why would I complain? I’m pretty lucky and I realize that fact.”

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Cindy has similar thoughts on her practice of yoga. “There is a lot of misunderstanding out there about yoga in general, and very much about tantric yoga,” she explains. “People here the word ‘tantra’ and they get nuts. They start picturing that rock star making love to his wife for twelve hours at a time, or whatever the story was. The fact is, tantra and yoga work together, because they both operate on and with your body. The reason I love yoga is because it doesn’t just strengthen and tone my body and keep me in the best sexy shape, but it also enables me to get very much in touch with my body and what it can do. The better I know myself, the better I can serve my clients, because I know what I’m capable of and where my limits are.”

Exploring her sensual side is very important to Cindy. “I am a firm believer in indulging yourself,” she says. “I’m very open about it. If there is any fantasy you want, if there is any experience you’ve always wanted to have, if there is something you’d like to try in or out of the bedroom, you should do it. There is no reason not to. Whatever is holding you back right now, whether it’s fear or inhibitions or something else, you should work on discarding that. If you are having trouble acknowledging your inner desires, then try to overcome that. Once you can embrace the things that make you tick, and once you are in touch with your own inner desires, you can truly please yourself. And the dirty little secret is that it’s very hard to please another person if you are not also very happy with you and your place in life. In other words, if you take the time to please yourself, to fulfill your own needs and desires, you will be better able to do that for someone else.”

It’s all about achieving a connection, for Cindy. “The most powerful thing in the world is the spark between two people who are into each other,” she says. “It’s wonderful to be able to establish that connection. It’s thrilling to be able to build on that and take it to some other level, some next level. So much of our lives is spent wasting time. If we would all focus more on finding each other, being kind to each other, and making those connections, we would all be much happier as people and everything could progress better for us as a society. But of course we will never make a perfect world. I don’t expect that. I just think we should try a little harder, you know? Just more effort.”

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