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Catalina is an avid runner. She loves to check out new, fancy restaurants. She also loves turning on people who see her sunbathing.

“Is it wrong if I admit that I love showing off my body?” she asks. “I really do. I mean, when I look in the mirror, I’m very happy with what I see. I know I’ve got the curves. I know I’ve got the looks. But I also like showing it off. And sure, when you’re a professional escort, you’ll get attention and people will look at you. When I’m out with a date and we are in public, I know that guys are looking at me. They’re admiring me. They’re fantasizing about sex with me. Let’s just put that where it is. When you see a hot car drive down the street, you think about what it’s like to drive that car. Well, when you see a rear end like mine walking down the street, you think about what it would be like to touch it and make love to the woman who owns it. That’s a fact. I think on some level every woman understands what looking at her, if she looks good, does to the guys who see her. She knows she’s a walking, talking sex bomb. She knows they can’t help but fantasize about her. So I like to apply that to my sunbathing. Think about every hot girl you’ve ever seen at the beach. They might not look like supermodels from swimsuit calendars, but you looked at them with a lot more interest than you’ll ever look at a girl in a magazine. That’s because they’re right there, right in front of you, real and touchable. You stare at those pretty girls you see at the beach because they’re not pretend. They’re living, breathing women. And when I go to the beach, that’s how I want to inspire the men who see me. I want them to linger on me. I want their eyes to move up and down my body while I lie there in the hot sun. It’s an incredible turn on for me to know that somebody is checking me out.”

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Running is another thing that Catalina loves to do, and loves to be watched doing. “It’s just as much of a cliché as being seen sunbathing,” she says, “but I just love it when people drive past me while I’m running and check me out. Every guy has done that before. You’re driving along and you see a pretty girl in a tight pair of yoga pants or running shorts, and you appreciate her. She works out, she puts the time in. She exercises so she can have that toned physique that turns a guy on. That’s me. I’m that girl. And if you drive by and you say something, just please say something nice. I don’t mind if you tell me how pretty I am. I don’t mind if you tell me I turn you on. I just want you to be nice about it.”

Catalina’s other real pleasure is fine dining. “There’s nothing I like better than to try out a new restaurant,” she says, “especially if it’s one of those new, trendy places. I really enjoy doing something new and enjoying different cuisines, things I haven’t tried before. I’m not one of those people who has a lot of hang-ups when it comes to food. I’ll put just about anything into my mouth at least once. There are great restaurants in every city in the world, and if I could, I would visit them all.”

Catalina admits that the finer things in life can easily be seen by some as an end unto themselves, but she doesn’t see it that way. For her, it is more about the experiential component of life. “You only get so many years. We all think that there’s always more time. But there isn’t. You’ve got to enjoy yourself now. You’ve got to live your dreams now. And that means that every chance you get to live it up, to enjoy something new, to experience something you haven’t before, is extremely important. It’s all an opportunity that is slipping away if you let it go by. Don’t do that to yourself. You don’t dare let anything pass you by. Just grab every chance you have. But that wasn’t the point I was trying to make when I started out. I wanted to make a point about fine dining, fine material things, and the stuff that rich people take for granted.”

Catalina goes on, “The finer things in life aren’t an end unto themselves. They’re wonderful, yes, but experiencing things that are nice, surrounding yourself with high value material goods, is more about the quality of your existence than it is about the material things themselves. When you die, you won’t be able to take those material things with you, and just having fine stuff doesn’t necessarily make you happy. Just having money doesn’t make you happy either, but it sure does take the sting out of being poor. The point, though, is that if you experience the world on a high-quality setting, your life overall will be better off for it. I’m a firm believer in high quality in all things. If you’re going to do it, it has to be worthwhile. I hate to waste time and energy on things that aren’t worthy of my efforts. That really seems like common sense.”

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