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Carly is a naturally dominant girl who is also an aspiring model and actress. She enjoys taking on new roles and preDiana is naturally submissive. She likes a man who takes charge. She enjoys dressing up in different fetish lingerie and considers herself something of a chameleon.

“I like to say that I can be whoever you want me to be,” she says. “I’m naturally submissive, sure, which means I like it when a man takes charge. That doesn’t mean you can just walk all over me or push me around. I still know who I am and how I deserve to be treated. But I like it when a man has his way with me. When I’m in a relationship, I enjoy it when someone takes charge, really just does what he wants, and tells me how it’s going to be. I like that strength. There’s nothing I enjoy more than just pressing myself up against a man’s chest and looking up into his eyes and seeing that he’s in charge. That’s what I get out of being submissive. But I can be other things. I can be the woman you need. I can be the woman you desire. Do you have something special you like? Special clothes? An accent, something that you like to do when you go out? I can do all of those things. I can be the woman of your dreams and I can make the night a dream come true. That’s kind of my motto. That’s how I see my job. An escort’s job is to make you happy, and to see to it that you have a good time no matter what happens. If there is something that isn’t just right, something that isn’t perfect, I won’t let that spoil our time together. I’ll find a way to make it better. No matter what, when our evening is over, or whatever date we go out on, you’re going to be happy and we’re going to make incredible memories for you. If you’re just in from out of town or you live here all the time, it’s going to be special. That’s a promise I can make you.”

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Carly explains that her attitude about men stems from a desire to respect and please. “Too many men go through their whole lives never being treated with respect,” she says. “I’ve found that the fastest way to get what you want from a man, to be treated well and to be given everything you could ever want, really, is just to give a little in return. A woman who respects her man, who treats him like the man that he is and not an overgrown child or a meal ticket, she’s going to get what she wants because men are just naturally giving. They are so incredibly loyal if you just treat them well. They remember that kindness. They remember that respect. And if you give them love and affection, and don’t withhold that or punish them when they displease you by making a mistake, you’re going to be a lot happier than these women who do nothing but criticize their men or treat them badly. When you put a man first, when you treat him like he wants to be treated, at first he can’t believe it. That’s because it’s so rare that he is treated that way. I kind of get a charge out of it, just seeing the look on a man’s face the first time I pres myself up against him and tell him that he can have whatever pleases him, as long as he tells me what it is. I treat men with respect because I love the results that this produces.”

Carly loves to get down and dirty with her time off. She has a wild side that she is always ready to indulge. “I think of it as a pressure relief valve,” she explains. “If you don’t give yourself a chance to let off some steam once in awhile, all that stress, all that negativity, it’s just going to build up inside you. Once it does you’ll have a hard time getting it to go away. It’s almost like it sticks to the walls of your brain on the inside. It’s a residue, a gunk, a film of negativity. The more you hold your feelings in, the more you control yourself, the worse that buildup gets. And if you don’t do something about it, sooner or later, the pressure gets so bad that you just explode when you can’t help it. That ends up usually hurting you more than anything. So it’s very necessary to let off some steam and treat yourself right once in awhile. If you don’t you’ll regret it. That’s just a fact.”

Carly loves to just move her body. “No matter what I’m doing,” she says, “I like to sweat. I like to just feel the machine that is my body being put through its paces. There’s nothing that won’t get me moving if given half the chance. The experience of exertion, the just plain fun of using my body to do things… I couldn’t ask for anything better no matter what my circumstances. I love to put this beautiful body through its paces, and I know there are a lot of guys who are thinking they might enjoy a chance to do the same thing. That’s why I love being a Los Angeles escort so much. It’s a chance to indulge my sensuality. That is really very important to me. We all have a sensuous side.”

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