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Abby is a bird watcher. She used to be a cheerleader, which is a topic that comes up from time to time. She exercises to stay in shape. She loves kissing most of all, which she thinks might surprise you until you actually try it with her.

Weight115 lbs

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“The lips are an underrated erogenous zone,” Bobbi explains. “A woman’s lips are so soft, so full, so supple. They’re one of the most erotic parts of the female body. There are plenty of guys who have a lot of opinions about what they think the sexiest part of their wives’ or girlfriends’ bodies are, and up to a point, they’re right. The hips are very sexy. The inside of the thighs is another good spot. And of course there are the obvious areas, like the stomach. A lot of guys really like a nice, tight stomach. It’s why women who wear crop tops and other things that bare their midriffs are looked at as so sexy. It’s funny, too, because even in very repressed cultures, like in India where you can get in big trouble when you get too friendly with a woman you aren’t married too, they are completely okay with showing off a nice stomach. Then of course you get into the really obvious areas, like the small of a woman’s back, her nipples, the inside of her thighs. But what everyone overlooks when they’re making these lists in their minds is the lips themselves. A woman who presses her lips against you, or who runs her lips along your body, she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s not just making you feel good an turning you on. She’s celebrating her sensuality. She’s showing you what kind of an incredible sexy creature she can be. She’s giving you this electric connection between you and her. I think kissing, and I mean a really deep, long, slow, lingering kiss, not just a peck on the cheek… I think that’s the most intimate thing you can do with a person. I think in some ways it’s even more intimate than sex itself, because you establish such a direct connection with the person. You see women and men in porn movies who are just kind of sawing away at each other, and there’s no real connection. When they kiss, though, that’s when you can tell how into each other they are, or if this is all just business. And sure, in that industry, a lot of the time it’s only work and they know it. But sometimes you catch that spark. Sometimes you see that connection. Whether you’re seeing it in a video or you see it between two people kissing in the park, it’s always a wonderful treat to see that connection being established, and to know that here are two people who are establishing a thread between them. I hope that one day I meet someone who can fire that spark in me. I love what I do and I love getting to meet new people, but I like the idea of finding someone who can engage my mind and my body both, on that most intimate of levels. That’s the dream I think all women really look toward, when you come right down to it. I imagine I’ll be an escort for a good long while, because I enjoy it so much, and I am very attractive, which I don’t think is going to change any time soon. But afterwards, when I get out of this business, or if I meet just the right person, that’s when I’ll settle down.”

Abby is a creature of the night who loves exploring the city and is always down for a good time. She has definitely embraced the lifestyle of a Los Angeles escort, which she explains is definitely not for the faint of heart. “A lot of girls really think they’ve die and gone to Heaven when they learn that as a Los Angeles escort, their job is to party every night, go out with new people, and have a good time. There are a lot of people whose idea of the best vacation away from it all is doing that every night of the week for a week or two. Some of us even get to live that out when we take vacations. But a Los Angeles escort is a special girl. She’s got to be able to keep up one heck of a pace. She can’t ever let her looks fall down and she’s got to be as much fun for the first client as for the last client of the week. There’s no way she can take a break from having fun if her schedule demands it. You learn quick which girls can hack it and which can’t, in that setting. It’s a powerful lesson in what it means to have the right personality and energy levels for this job.”

Abby knows that if she applies herself, her hot body and her friendly outlook will be the things that get her everything she wants in life. “Pretty girls have it pretty good,” she admits. “You can pretty much take what you want if you can look good, be sexy, and show men that you’re willing to be nice to them. Truly nice, friendly girls are pretty few and far between. So when you meet a girl like me, you had better hang onto her. I’m the full package, all right. I’m talented.”

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