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Q. How does all this work, anyway?

A. LosAngelesBabes.com provides you with beautiful, professional women who will go out on dates with you. When you contact us, we ask that you select a young lady or ladies who best meet your preferences. We will then cross-reference your schedule requirements and the time needed for your date with the ladies we have available to us. Not all the young women who work with us are listed on our site, as we have the ability to reach out to an extended network of escorts who sometimes book through us. We will make sure that your date goes well and that you are satisfied with the experience. If there are any problems, you need only communicate with your escort or with us and we will see to it that these problems are corrected.The upshot is that we put you in touch with a beautiful woman who is part of a stable of beauties who work with LosAngelesBabes.com. The next step is for you and your lovely young lady to agree on a place to meet, whether that is a hotel, your home or apartment, or some other public location, such as the actual venue or starting point for your date (like a club, a restaurant, etc.). Once you have some idea of what you plan to do, even it’s just the vaguest of thumbnail sketches for what you want to accomplish, you must then choose how long you want to book your beautiful Los Angeles escort for. If you’re going out for a traditional date during which you might have dinner or go out for drinks and dancing, a typical booking is a few hours long, which is the length of time it would take to accomplish those things. If you are going out for something more specific, then your booking would cover the time of the event you plan to attend, plus enough time for you and your escort to meet and travel to the event. If you want some pleasurable feminine company in between other appointments, provided the booking meets our minimum requirements, we can arrange for that, too. It all depends on your schedule and we are happy to accommodate you in any way that it is possible for us to do so.The whole point of what we do here is to coordinate your schedule with the schedule of our young ladies to make sure that your needs are met while none of their obligations intrude on your requirements. We want you to look through our pages and find the young lady who is most attractive for you. It is our belief that when you have found the woman you like most, who is most appealing to you on a personal, physical level, the happier you will be. This is why we make such a selection of attractive women available to you, and this is why we include biography information and quotes from them so that you can get to know them. If you select a young woman who turns out not to be available for when you want to book her, or you don’t see exactly what you want listed here on our pages, that’s okay too. What we can do, in that instance, is reach out to our extended network of beautiful Los Angeles escorts and find one who we think you’ll enjoy just as much. That’s the type of influence and reach we have within the market. We are absolutely devoted to your satisfaction as our client. Everything we do is geared toward that, and we will see to it that you are happy with your escort experience no matter what. This isn’t just how we maintain good business practices. It’s also a manifestation of how much respect we have for you, our valued clients.

Q. I’m worried I can’t afford this. How do you accept payment?

A. Our rates are actually quite competitive and, when you look at this in the context of more traditional dating, hiring a professional escort is actually much more efficient and cost-effective than throwing away your money on drinks, flowers, cards, and other enticements for women who may end up refusing to go out on a date with you anyway. Booking through us simply speeds ups the process and cuts through the red tape. When you book with us, we give you access to a pool of beautiful women who are willing to go out with you on your schedule and per your requirements and requests. This is much more beneficial for everyone involved than is the traditional dating model. Payment for our booking services is typically done in cash, but if you have something else in mind, please get in touch with us and we will discuss with you the available payment options.To look at it in more detail, consider how much money you’ll actually spend when engaged in the old-fashioned methodology of meeting women and dating them. Meeting women is something that carries with it a lot of hidden costs. If you go out to bars, you’ll spend a lot of time buying drinks for women in the hopes of getting an “in” with them and to strike up a conversation. If you spend any time at all with a woman you’ll spend more money in the form of cards, flowers, gifts, and other gestures. Every woman is attracted to a man who has money and power or, to put it more accurately, women are put off by men who do not seem to have money for things like paying for dates. So even if your date is perfectly capable of paying for her own time out, you had better pick up the tab, if you want to impress her enough to be able to secure a future date. That is how things will go on for some time, with you paying for dinners, activities, and everything else that comes along, all as you endure the endless process of auditioning in her mind for yet another date. This can run to some very serious money, and all before things ever get too serious between the two of you.If you’ve decided to meet women through Internet dating, you won’t be doing too much better in the money department. A lot of people think that Internet dating is free, more or less, but it absolutely isn’t. The first thing you’ll have to do is shell out big money for any of the major sites, and the hookup sites can be even more expensive. In all cases, you’ve got to pay for a paid membership because it isn’t possible to contact as many people as you would like to, otherwise, or you can’t even read your inbox messages in some cases. There have been several cases of the less scrupulous paid sites using elaborate scripts that look like flirty messages from other users, too. They send you a message and then they wait for you to pay for a membership so that you’ll stay “hooked.” It’s all geared to get you paying every month so you can stay a member of the site… and you’ll still have nothing to show for it.Compare and contrast this to booking a beautiful Los Angeles escort. When you book one of our lovely ladies, you book her time… and that’s it. You pay for the date, of course, but you would be paying for that anyway when dating a “normal” woman. The difference is that with Los Angeles escorts, there are no other costs, and you can more carefully budget your time and expenses. There are no hidden costs. Our girls will place no demands on you. This is meeting women with no strings attached. It is much more affordable than meeting women the old-fashioned way.

Q. Can I have my escort wear a specific outfit?

A. Absolutely. We are always happy to take special requests. If you’d like your lady to wear something special, whether for quiet time getting to know her or for a social function or other event out, just let us know. Everything is subject to your escort’s approval, of course, but we think you’ll find our ladies are cooperative and eager to please. We also will not judge you for any special requests, no matter how unusual they may seem to you. We will make every effort, within reason, to accommodate your specific requirements.We know that you have your preferences as a man. What is very exciting for you may not be another man’s favorite fantasy scenario. What’s absolutely wonderful about our services is that each and every one of our Los Angeles escorts is here to make you happy and keep you satisfied. You may not realize it if you are a regular user of escort services, but in many cases, the men who are our clients have gone for years, or even their whole lives, with a specific fantasy in their heads that they would like to fulfill, something that they would like to act out and make real. When you book the time of one of our beautiful Los Angeles escort, you are finally given the opportunity to make that fantasy scenario happen. You’ve always dreamed of going out with a beautiful woman and maybe you have a specific idea of what you want her to be wearing, or where the two of you will go, or how impressed your friends or coworkers will be when they see the two of you together. Well, booking the time of one of our Los Angeles escorts lets you do that, and we know how important your specific desires and preferences can be. That’s why we make every effort to accommodate you.We ask, therefore, that if you have a specific special request, no matter what it is that you’re looking for, that you let us know ahead of time. The more lead time we have for your request, the better off everyone will be, and the better able we will be to address that request. Once we know what it is that you are looking for, we’ll make sure you’re incredibly sexy and beautiful Los Angeles escort is dressed the way you would like her to be for your date. She may even have some suggestions to offer you as far as the places you two might go to sample the activities, sights, and nightlife the city has to offer. There is, however a specific request you might consider that you have not already, although we are quite certain you have probably had the desire before and just not expressed it.Have you considered going out with not one, but two beautiful Los Angeles escorts on your arm? Each of these women will be incredibly beautiful. Each of them will be dressed to the nines, as classy or as scantily clad as you would like to see them be. But now instead of just being seen with one incredible woman, you are being seen with two, and that multiplication effect just makes it that much more intense an experience for you. It also impresses the people around you that much more. If just one beautiful woman has decided you are worth her time, people notice when you are out together. Now put another sexy lady, or more than one more, in your orbit, and people will remember you for years to come.

Q. Can I book more than one escort at the same time?

A. Not only can you do this, but it’s actually a very common request, and we will be happy to discuss the cost of a multiple escort package with you. A great many men have always fantasized about being able to go out on a date and be seen with more than one woman at the same time. This is so common a fantasy, in fact, that our girls are very accustomed to it too and they are all fairly familiar with each other. If this is the sort of date you’d like to arrange, just get in touch with us and let us know. Try to give us as much lead time as possible when making this request. We coordinate the schedules of our girls with those of our clients, and as you can imagine, finding two girls whose schedules match, and match yours, is slightly more difficult than finding just one.When you book multiple Los Angeles escorts at the same time, you’ll be that player who rolls with multiple beautiful woman around him. The power of that kind of play is why dating more than one Los Angeles escort at the same time is one of our most popular special requests. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to surround yourself with a crowd of beautiful women. The most obvious is that it is its own reward. Everyone loves to have sexy women around them and you, as our valued client, are no exception. But of course one of the primary reasons to be seen with more than one woman is that it impresses other people. Those who see you rolling several gorgeous gals deep cannot help but be impressed. After all, isn’t being surrounded by a virtual harem of women what every man dreams about in his heart of hearts? It’s the reason every man dreams of being successful or famous – so he will have the money and power that draws such a group of women to him.Take a look on social media sometime and you’ll see just this. The famous rich people who are known for their Instagram accounts, the playboys and other people who are known for their lavish lifestyles, just love to take pictures of themselves surrounded by beautiful women. They know that being in the company of a crowd of gorgeous girls is a status symbol. It’s something that says you’ve made it, that you’re the type of successful character whom beautiful women want to be around. So being with more than one Los Angeles escort at the same time is not just about the fun and excitement of having two or more beautiful women focused on you at the same time. It’s also about how great it is to impress other people. You already know that you’ll impress the folks around you when you have a beautiful woman on your arm. The men will be jealous and the women will wonder if they measure up. Everyone who looks at you will think you must have something special going on. With more than one woman at once, that effect is amplified, and suddenly, you’re the type of super playboy whom everyone wants to be around.Booking more than one Los Angeles escort at the same time is the key to fulfilling fantasies like these. We want you to be able to enjoy yourself, and we want you to fulfill the desires you have long held. If you’ve ever dreamed of having more than one sexy woman around you at the same time, you need to book today. We just want the time to put together your date, and to do that, we need to coordinate your schedule with that of multiple escorts. Give us the chance to do that and we’ll show you how incredible this kind of adventurous date can be. Book your date of a lifetime today by contacting us.

Q. Do I have to be a resident of the Los Angeles area to use your services?

A. Absolutely not. Many of our clients are in the area from out of town, frequently because they are traveling for business. We also do a lot of business with tourists to the area. Los Angeles is one of the world’s premier destinations and a thriving hub of commerce. We see all kinds here, and we get all manner of visitors. We are happy to accommodate tourists and business travelers, even on short notice. We also have plenty of clients who do live here full time. Whether you are just visiting your call this great city home, you will get top notch client service from us and our girls.

Q. I’d like to provide some dates for business clients from out of town. Some of them are international businessmen. Can your girls speak any foreign languages?

A. We have many very talented young ladies on our staff, and access to many more through our extended network. It can be a real joy for someone who does not speak English as a first language to be able to converse with a beautiful woman in his own first language. Let us know what you are looking for and we will see if you can provide you with this service. While we can’t make any guarantees, it is indeed possible that we might have a girl working for us who can speak the foreign language you require.

Q. Can I book a male escort?

A. Right now, we only specialize in female escorts. It may be the case in the future that we can branch out into offering male escorts. We do, however, have quite a few contacts within the local area, so it may be possible for us to refer you somewhere. When you contact us about booking a lovely lady, if you are also interested in booking a male escort, feel free to mention this so we can see if we can make a referral. We don’t want to lose your business, but we’re more interested in making sure you are happy and satisfied.

Q. I’m in town for a few days. Can I book a different girl every day?

A. Yes, you certainly may. We believe that not only is variety the spice of life, but that every man would benefit from being around more beautiful women, not less. While our girls’ time is always subject to their schedules, and we will need to do some coordination to see to it you get a different lady each time out, we would be happy to help you book a different girl for each day of your trip. We can even book more than one at the same time, if you’re so inclined.

Q. Is there a code of conduct I need to know about? I don’t want to offend my date.

A. We think you’ll find that common sense is most applicable, although we also encourage you to communicate with your escort. The more honest and open you are with her, the better able she is both to meet your needs, but also to communicate to you what is expected, what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable. We know that everyone has different fantasies, desires, and dreams they wish to fulfill, and we are happy to do this for you. While we cannot accommodate every request, we will make the effort. All you have to do is let us know.

Q. I’d like to take pictures with my escort so that people will see that I date beautiful women. Is that okay?

A. It’s okay with us as long as it’s okay with your escort. Some of our young ladies must be more discreet than others, for reasons that have to do with their personal and professional lives, just as some of our clients don’t wish to be seen out with their escorts for various personal or professional reasons. If you’re hoping to take some pictures with your date, let us know when you book so that we can make sure the young lady sent to meet you is at least potentially okay with having some pictures taken. We also encourage you to talk to her and take nothing for granted. We would never force our girls to do anything they’re not comfortable with, and we know you wouldn’t, either, but we think you’ll find that most of our lovely ladies are pretty cooperative, not to mention eager to fulfill your requirements and make sure the date goes well.

Q. Are all your escorts 18 or older?

A. Yes, all of our escorts are of legal age. Our records are kept in accordance with all state and local laws, including applicable employment laws, and our documentation is available for review to those in authority.

Q. If I’m not satisfied with my experience, can I have my money back?

A. We will make every effort to accommodate you if you have a less than satisfactory escort experience. While we cannot say with certainty that you can simply have your money back, depending on the circumstances, we want you to be a satisfied client and repeat customer. If you experience a problem with your date or with our escort, we ask that you communicate this to us as soon as possible so that we can try to make arrangements with you to address the issue.

Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes, escort services are legal in California. We don’t arrange for sex.

Q. Will anyone know that I used this service?

A. No one will ever know that you used our service unless you yourself choose to let them know. At LosAngelesBabes.com, we understand just how important confidentiality is to this process. We know that if you don’t have complete and total confidence that your privacy is being protected, you won’t be able to relax and enjoy yourself. If you can’t relax and enjoy yourself, then you won’t get the full experience that you are paying to have. In order to make sure you enjoy your escort experience in the most relaxing environment possible, we ensure your privacy from the first moments that you contact us. This starts with the fact that we don’t store information about you. Barely a day goes by that you don’t hear about some kind of data breach in which third party compromises result in people getting their data stolen. Well, since we don’t store any information like that, you never have to worry that your information will be taken, and therefore it can never end up on the Internet, “outing” you as having used a specific adult-themed service (as happened recently with a very well known website devoted to affairs). You also never need to worry about ending up on some spammer or junk-mailers email or mailing list. We never disclose anything about you to anybody outside our company.Our devotion to your privacy extends to more than just refusing to take or store your information, however. We also make sure your privacy is protected by the very women who form the staff of our Los Angeles escorts. Our young ladies know that your confidentiality is very important. They will spend plenty of time talking with you and getting to know you while totally focused on you. That means that during that time, you might say or reveal something that you wouldn’t want shared with anyone else. Well, our girls understand that, and they will never discuss with anyone outside our agency anything you have to say. They will never tell anyone they were out with you. If you were to happen across one of them while out and about but not on a booked date, they would pretend not to know you. They also never discuss anything they learn about their clients with any of the other Los Angeles escorts on staff here. This is what a total devotion to privacy and confidentiality looks like. It is one of the cornerstones of our business and the reason that we are so popular with our valued client base.When you book with us, you can do so knowing that who you choose to spend time with is entirely your business. Booking with us means that you can count on us to protect you and your privacy no matter what. We are very proud of our devotion to you as our client. We will show you that you can count on us every time. This is the respect that we have for you, our valued client.

Q. How long should I book my escort for?

A. The duration of your booking with one of our beautiful escorts is entirely up to you, but depends on how long you will require her time for the activity or activities that you have planned. A typical night out with one of our girls, one that involves dinner, drinks, dancing, or some other activity like a show, usually covers a few hours, so that is often what our clients book. We have a minimum requirement for the number of hours that you can book in order to make the transit time worth our girls’ while, but that shouldn’t be an issue. If you have a specific scheduling requirement it’s okay to let us know so that we can make every effort to accommodate you. If you want your girl for longer than a few hours, such as for a weekend booking or an overnight stay, that’s okay. Just let us know so that we can clear her schedule and make sure the two of you won’t be interrupted.Never underestimate the impact that booking a Los Angeles escort can have on your life. Let’s say you’re going to a boring work convention and you want some way to stay entertained throughout. If it’s the sort of venue where you’re allowed to bring a date, you could book one of our stimulating and lovely Los Angeles escorts to keep you company throughout the duration of the convention. Not only will you be more entertained, but you will look better in the eyes of everyone who sees you. All around you will be impressed by the type of women you spend time with. This is just one of the fringe benefits of booking the time of one of the most gorgeous women in Los Angeles. Our girls know how to be sexy, but they also know how to be sophisticated and classy while doing so. Whatever your event, whatever you need, we can arrange for the type of sexy company that you desire.We know that what you want will vary. Every client is different, every client’s schedule is different, and every client has different needs when it comes to making a booking. It may be the case that you are planning well in advance for your booking, and that’s good. Let us know when you want your girl for, let us know if you have any special requests, and we will make sure that she arrives promptly at the location to which the two of you have mutually agreed. We also understand, though, that sometimes, the mood strikes you for feminine companionship at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it may also be the case that your schedule changes and suddenly time that you thought was busy is now time that you have on your hands. When that occurs, it’s okay to talk to us about it and let us know that you want feminine companionship. We exist to serve you in all things, and we value your repeat business.

Q. My date is going really well and I’d like to extend my booking. Can I?

A. We are all about making connections. Whenever one of our clients is lucky enough to strike up a spark with one of our escorts, we are happy to hear it. It is not at all unusual for a client to book time with one of our beautiful young ladies and then to decide, when it is time for the booking to be over, that he cannot bear to part company with her. This is very common because our girls are so incredibly wonderful. No matter what you want them to do, no matter where you want to go, they are there to serve you. When it happens that you have a booking that you’d like to extend, we need you to communicate with her and also with us (although she may contact us on your behalf). We’ll make sure that there are no other obligations in her schedule that prevent her from staying on with you longer than was originally intended, and then we will clear her to stay with you. We hope that when your booking is going so well that you want to extend it, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with having one of our gorgeous Los Angeles escorts in your corner for the duration of your time out.The thing to remember is that Los Angeles escorts are professional entertainers. When you book her time, or extend your booking with her, you aren’t just getting the company of a lovely young woman who is completely and totally focused on you. You are getting the company of a lovely young woman who is completely and totally focused on you who is also trained and experienced in making you happy and ensuring that you are satisfied with your time out when you are done. You do not bear the responsibility for the date. You are not on the hook for any of that. This compares sharply to the ordinary process of dating, where you are the one who is responsible for the success or failure of the outing. Imagine the pressure that this takes off of you. Instead of worrying about the date itself, you can focus on the experience, trusting that no matter what you do, she is having a good time. Because she is there to serve you, there is none of the added anxiety about ensuring that your date is entertained.You probably haven’t stopped to realize just how much time you spend worrying about your date’s experience until you are freed of the issue. When you are finally free to enjoy your date, and when the primary concern on that date is whether you are having a good time, not her, you will realize just how rare this experience is. It is worth having, and that is why when you want to extend your booking, we understand completely and will do what we can to accommodate you. Your pleasure is our business. We want you to have as much fun as possible.

Q. I’m nervous because I’ve never done this before. Is there anything you can tell me that will put my mind at ease?

A. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that we will protect your privacy and confidentiality when you book with LosAngelesBabes.com. This will help you relax because you will have no reason to worry about being found out. This is a reputable, legal business, but it is nobody else’s business how you choose to spend your leisure time, and we respect that confidentiality. Therefore, we do everything possible to ensure that you can relax without a care in the world because your privacy will be protected.Second, we understand that you may not have hired an escort before. Your Los Angeles escort will take you in hand and guide you along the way if you do not know what to expect. She will put your mind at ease, answer any questions you may have, and generally prove herself to be the sort of young lady who can please you and satisfy you. She will give you her undivided focus and attention throughout your booking. This means that if at any time anything at all is bothering you, you just have to let her know and she will address it. Your lovely young Los Angeles escort knows that you might be nervous and knows how to fix that. She will help you to relax so that you can enjoy your time with her. She is on your side. Her friendly nature and easygoing manner will prove to you that there is nothing you need that she cannot provide. Los Angeles escorts are the better way to get your female companionship. Let us prove that to you in ways you never thought possible before. Let us ease your troubled mind and help you to let all your cares and tensions ebb away. LosAngelesBabes.com is a full-service escort agency conducted in accordance with all applicable laws. Its unparalleled staff of incredibly beautiful girls is standing ready to get to know you. Our young ladies want to please you. Will you give them the chance to do so? Contact us today and see what you have been missing. You will be very glad you did.

Q. Is there any special etiquette or rules I need to know about?

A. Etiquette for your Los Angeles escort experience is really common sense. Be respectful and don’t treat your young lady in an abusive or disrespectful fashion. She will always be respectful to you, as well as friendly and personable. We ask only that you return the favor. Los Angeles escorts are some of the sexiest women in the world. They are young, they are beautiful, and they are very willing. That does not mean, however, that they shouldn’t be treated with respect. Your new young lady friend is a pearl beyond price. Treat her accordingly. The more time you spend with our Los Angeles escorts, the better you’ll feel.

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