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Have you been considering Internet dating? There’s lots of reasons you might have considered going the Internet dating route. We are told all the time that Internet dating is the best alternative to dating “in real time,” because it offers you a better pool of potential dates. When you think about it, at least in theory, this seems to make perfect sense. It would take forever for you to try and meet, in person, all of the people you can meet when you hook up with an Internet dating service. And of course in real life there is no such thing as a search engine for you to find other people. You have to do it the slow way, the hard way, doing what you can to meet each person in person. That adds up to a lot of time, as you might imagine. Internet dating is pitched to people as a great alternative, therefore, to going to bars or clubs, or going to awful singles mixers, and trying to strike up conversations with people.When you think about it, just trying to strike up those conversations is enough to drive anyone to Internet dating. You go to a bar and you spend hours trying to get women’s attention. They shoot you down or ignore you with regularity. Some of them make sport of shooting you down, in fact, as if they aren’t also looking for companionship. If you’re not handsome, wealthy, funny, and romantic (in other words, the perfect guy, someone who does not exist), you don’t stand a chance of actually pulling a number or bringing somebody home. But you may not even be looking for a quick hookup. You may be looking to establish some kind of meaningful relationship. That’s going to be difficult when you have to spend a fortune, and spend forever, in a dark bar full of terrible music, while trying to buy drinks for women so they’ll give you the time of day just to start up a conversation.Against this backdrop, with this in mind, a lot of guys turn to Internet dating. But the problem with Internet dating is that it’s not an improvement over the usual old dating process; it just adds layers of bureaucracy to the process. First, there’s the money involved. Internet dating isn’t free and it isn’t cheap. You’ve got to shovel out lots of money in premium memberships if you want to have the most chance of meeting the greatest number of people. That’s because a lot of sites will artificially limit what you can do unless you have that premium membership. The most popular hookup sites will really charge you a lot of money, too, before you can access other members’ videos, send messages to non-paid members, and that kind of thing. And some of the less reputable sites will even stop you from checking your messages, and send you automatically generated spam messages that basically say, “Hey, you’ve got a message from a member who wants to talk to you. You have to pay to be able to read that message though.”Once you’ve paid your membership fees you’ve got to spend hours and hours, if not days and weeks, sending messages to women… and that’s if you can find any on the site who aren’t ugly pigs. Let’s be really honest about that. Most of the women on Internet dating sites are not attractive. That’s because most women are, well, women. They don’t need Internet dating. If they want a man they can pick from any of several in their circle of friends and let him know that hey, they’ll mess around with him. Most guys will take that offer and not think twice about it. Sure, there are a few women out there who suffer from a Bridget Jones-like complex where they always want guys who aren’t into them, and pine away about it, but mostly, if a woman wants a man, she just has to make it known, and she’ll have multiple offers right away. So a woman who signs up for an Internet dating site has to be particularly desperate or, worse, she’s the sort of woman who can’t find a man because she won’t put out and she has an attitude problem.Just look through the profiles on Internet dating sites sometimes. You’ll never see a more entitled bunch of whining losers telling you what they will and will not accept. It’s a wonder any of them find a man at all… but they do because even though they have all these issues, there are very few women on Internet dating sites, and plenty of horny, desperate men. That’s another problem you’ll have to overcome if you decide to try Internet dating. You’ve got to try and get the attention of women who are absolutely inundated with messages. Any woman who is even a little attractive will be getting tons of messages from guys on the site, and even the ugly ones get enough messages that they can afford to “reply selectively.” That means that you’ve somehow got to get your message seen from among that flood of other messages. How do you think you’re going to do that? How will you ever get the attention of a woman in such a way?If you do start up a conversation with a woman on an online dating site, you’ll spend weeks in pointless small talk before the two of you ever manage to set a time to meet and actually see each other in person, if at all. And there’s a good chance that this first date will be the last, and very disappointing. That is why Internet dating is such a failure!Don’t do this to yourself. Don’t waste time with Internet dating. Instead, book the time of a beautiful, professional escort. You will be happy each and every time with your time out, and you will get an attractive, fun, sophisticated professional entertainer to take out on your arm. 

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