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Welcome to LosAngelesBabes.com, your best source for confidential, discreet, and legal adult entertainment in the greater Los Angeles area. At LosAngelesBabes, we can offer you a beautiful young lady to fit any need, any taste, and any schedule. We pride ourselves in the professional completion of all assignments to the client’s satisfaction. Our client service is, in fact, second to none, as is our selection of first-rate talent.

Lose the Drama, Baggage, and Inconvenience of Traditional Dating

Look, it’s a fact: Traditional dating can be a nightmare. How many times have you talked to other men who have nothing but horror stories to tell about their dating adventures? The average woman, the average “amateur” at dating who is not a skilled and training professional escort, is pretty much trained from birth to be an entitled, critical, greedy pain in the neck. When you’re dating a woman, you know as well as we do that you are like a Hollywood movie executive, who is “only as good as his latest work.” When it comes to women, the average girl wants to know, “What have you done for me lately?” They are fed a constant stream of media reinforcement of this idea, told that if a man values her, he will bend over backwards for her, give her expensive gifts, “put a ring on it” if he really wants her, and generally treat her like a queen who gets everything she wants. Any thought that she might have some responsibility in that equation, that she might actually know how to please her man and treat him well, goes right out the window. We are, in fact, raising an entire generation (or more than one) of women who behave like overgrown toddlers. They know only that they want expensive toys and lots of attention with no consequences and responsibilities whatsoever. What reasonable man would voluntarily participate in such a scene?

Well, in some respects, you are a product of your biology, and thus you are at the mercy of it. You, as a man, desire female companionship. This isn’t about love and it isn’t even about sex. Men, simply put, desire the company of attractive women, and they miss it when they do not have it. A man simply likes to spend time around a beautiful woman. If he can look at her, great. That’s why porn and other adult entertainments like strip clubs are so popular. But if he can have a conversation with her, if she will actually engage with him and pay attention to him, that is much more valuable to him, which is why a man will tip a pretty waitress more if she flirts with him a little. He knows he’s not going home with that waitress, in all likelihood, but he appreciates the attention. He appreciates the human contact with a beautiful girl. Well, that’s why men date, and it’s why they subject themselves to the wretched state of contemporary feminism. But every man who goes through all that has thought to himself, “There’s got to be a better way.” That better way is professional escorts.

A professional escort is the perfect companion for a night on the town or a quiet night at home. She brings none of her emotional baggage to the business transaction that is the time you spend together. She has one goal, and that is to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your client experience. She won’t hassle you, criticize you, or tell you that the two of you “need to talk.” She won’t give you any grief of any kind, in fact. She also won’t discuss you with her girlfriends and talk about you behind your back to people you know. She is discreet, professional, and helpful. She is also very lovely, and when you date a professional escort, you don’t have to worry, like you might with an “amateur” girl, that she’s going to lose her figure if the two of you go out again. A lot of girls, once they start dating a man regularly, will let themselves go and expect you to continue seeing them for “who they are” instead of “how they look.” Well, a professional escort understands that one of her jobs is to look good, both for you and for the people who see you together. She is one part eye candy, one part tour guide, and one part confidante. She will listen to you talk, give you the feedback you want, but offer nothing that you don’t want. If you want her to keep her opinions to herself, she will. If you want her to offer her input, she’ll do that too. And she will take her cues from you throughout the night or day that the two of you spend together. Whether you’ve booked her time for an hour or a weekend, she will see to it that you never feel pushed, that you are satisfied with the interaction and with your time out, and that if something does go wrong, she can handle it. Your escort’s job is to take responsibility for the date and for its outcome. That means you don’t have to worry about anything… and once you have experienced what a worry-free date is like, you’ll wonder how you ever did anything else in your romantic and social lives.

Date on Your Time and Within Your Schedule

Another factor to consider is that traditional dating is a tremendous waste of time. It’s terribly inefficient. How many hours does a man spend simply trying to find a woman who will agree to date him in the first place, especially if he has refined tastes but does not meet the standard of model-handsome good looks of which so many women, even the less attractive ones, seem to think they are worthy? He could trawl clubs and bars in his spare time for days and even weeks at a time without getting any numbers worth calling. He could spend a tremendous amount of time, burning up all of his leisure hours, just engaged in that first step in the dating process. It’s not simple or easy process, either. He’s always auditioning, always “on,” always performing. He’s got to look his best and behave his best. That’s not a date. It’s not leisure time. It’s like a job interview, where he’s hustling every minute to impress the women around him. How is that relaxing? How is that time off from work? It’s not, and that’s one of the many reasons traditional dating is such a waste of your time and money. When you’re done throwing cash down the black hole in the ground that is buying ungrateful women drinks at bars, you’ll realize that you have very little to show for all the time and money you spent out clubbing and bar-hopping looking for someone to meet.

Internet dating is just as bad. It’s sold to men as a time-saving alternative to going out and meeting women in person, but really, all it does is give you more time to spend your hours full of rejection and frustration. You send out all kinds of messages, flirting with women or “swiping right” or whatever, and what do you get for it? A bunch of brush-offs and a whole lot of no-responses. We can’t think of any worse waste of time than that. And then you’ve still got to meet these women in real life, which puts you right back into the awkward position you’re in when it comes to bar-hopping and clubbing. It’s a formula for burning your off hours and having nothing to show for it when you’re done except a bar tab and a credit card bill.

When you hire a professional escort, you cut to the chase. You just cleave through all that red tape, all that time, all that expense, and go straight to the date with the lovely lady of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about rejection. You don’t have to worry that she’ll change her mind at the last minute. And you don’t have to worry about your schedule matching up with hers. When you book with LosAngelesBabes, all you have to do is let us know when and for how long you’d like to book your escort, and we will work out the schedule with you and against a list of those girls you think best meet your tastes and requirements. Think of the time you’ll save when you can cut out the screening process, the awkward back and forth, the tentative meetings for coffee or drinks, and the inevitable rejections that happen when the woman in which you have invested all that time and money decides you don’t meet some arbitrary standard and she owes you nothing? We think that’s the worst part of the dating world, right there: No matter how much time and money you spend on a girl, she can walk away from you at any moment, having completely wasted your time and your funds, but having benefited from the nice dinner, the time out, the social experience, that you provided at your expense. Our escorts would never treat you like that and, what’s more, they would never waste your money in that way. When you book a beautiful, professional escort, you are saving both the time you might otherwise waste on “traditional” dating, but also the money you would inevitably spend at that stage of the game. Viewed from this perspective, hiring an escort is actually much more cost-effective and efficient than more conventional dating methods.

Look More Attractive To Other Women

One of the best reasons to hire a professional escort is that you’ll be hiring the company of one of the most attractive women you are ever likely to meet in your real life. These are girls whose job it is to look good and they know it. What’s more, though, they know that when they step out on the town with you, they are going to get attention. They are going to turn heads. They are going to draw stares. A beautiful woman always makes men pay attention wherever she goes, and the sexier she dresses, the more she’ll command the attentions of those males (and yes, females) in her proximity. When you walk into a room with one of our beautiful ladies on your arm, everyone is going to be watching you. The men who see you are going to be incredibly jealous. They’re going to wonder how you rate such a first-class beauty and what you’ve got going for you. They’re going to fantasize about how much they’d like to be the one with that lady in their company, and they’re going to wonder if you’re a better man, if you’re better in bed, if you’ve got more money, or all of the above. They’re going to compare themselves to you, and they’re going to compare their dates (or the lack of them) to yours, and that comparison is going to make you look great while it makes them look… well, less than great. But there’s something else at work, and that has to do with how attractive women are seen by other women.

It’s no secret that most women are on some level insecure. They want to know that they are attractive and desirable and they need a lot of feedback, all the time, to reassure them that this is true and that it remains true. When a woman sees you with another woman, especially a very beautiful woman, she immediately compares herself to that attractive, professional escort. She wonders if she is good enough to turn your head the way that beautiful escort gains the attention of others. And she immediately decides that if you are the sort of man who can get a woman like that to go out with him, then you must be the sort of man that she might like to go out with, too. In other words, as a man, being seen with beautiful women makes you more valuable to other women who see you with her. Your value is raised by your proximity to that gorgeous escort. You are therefore making it easier to date… well, whoever you decide to date, if you want once again to spend time and money on the traditional dating scene. And it’s all because you took the time too book with us and be seen with one of our gorgeous women.

Stop Fantasizing and Step Out with a Real Live Beauty

Another great reason to book a beautiful, professional escort is that it’s an opportunity to interact with a real woman. You know as well as we do that when you finally decide that traditional, conventional dating of “amateur” women is no longer for you, there are a few alternatives. Men crave female attention and companionship. A man who is not currently dating women by the traditional method might turn to porn, as many do, and he may even be satisfied with this for a time. The problem is that porn is passive and watching recordings is not very fulfilling. There’s no real interaction and no way to get any feedback from the objects of your desires. If you then try phone sex or webcam chats to get that interactivity, you may be more satisfied with that for a while, and at least you can interact one some level with a person who can talk to you with whom you can carry on a conversation. The problem there is, though, that you have no idea what you are getting. Both of you understand, on some level, that what you are doing is only pretending and can never be anything else but that.

When you book one of our escorts, by contrast, you are getting the time of a real-life woman. Our women are intoxicating to be around. They look good. They smell good. They dress to the nines in sexy and revealing outfits. They are the whole package, and when they walk into the room, your heart will skip a beat as you realize that this gorgeous creature is here for you and you specifically. Now you are spending time with a real-life woman who can listen to you talk, give you real feedback, carry on a conversation, and actually be present with you in the moment. She can go out to dinner with you. She can go dancing with you. She can spend quiet time at your home or hotel getting to know you and listening to your thoughts. That is something that all those other forms of entertainment simply cannot do, with the added benefit that if you are with an escort and others see you on a date with this incredible lady, they will be impressed. And they won’t be impressed just with her, although that’s something we can comfortably take for granted. They will be impressed with you, too. They will think to themselves, “Here is a man who has something going for him. Just look at the quality of the lovely young lady on his arm.”

Imagine how much more enjoyable it is to be out on the town with a young lady who is, in every conceivable dimension, exactly what every healthy red-blooded American man dreams about. Whether you are in the Los Angeles area for business, or you live and work in this area, we can accommodate you. We will earn your confidence. We will show you just how great it can be to spend time with a beautiful woman. And she is so much better than any passive entertainment of which you might choose to avail yourself. You can reach out and touch her hand. She can laugh at your jokes and touch your arm in return. She can make eye contact with you. You can smell her perfume and feel what it’s like when she takes your arm as the two of you walk together. There is nothing better than the experience of dating one of our lovely ladies, and we will stake our professional reputation on that fact.

No Judgment, No Strings, No Problem

One of the best reasons to hire the services of a LosAngelesBabes professional is that you can enjoy yourself on your date without fear of being judged, without worrying that there are strings or obligations attached, and without concerning yourself in any way with the logistics of your time together. We will work out all the details, cross reference your date’s schedule with yours, and find a way to accommodate your specific requirements. Say you have always dreamed of dating a young lady in a certain kind of outfit. Well, we can handle that, too. And if your request may seem a little unusual, well, you don’t have to worry. We won’t judge you. We will never judge you, we will never discuss your time with us with any third party, and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. At LosAngelesBabes, the client experience is the thing we care about most. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy… but if you are pleased, then we are pleased too. Our girls are carefully screened and vetted for the talents and temperaments necessary to provide you with the best dating experience possible. They are professionals, which means they understand confidentiality and will not discuss your date with friends, with family, or with anyone else. You can book with confidence with us… and we will do our very best to earn your repeat business. Honesty, integrity, and client satisfaction are the foundation of the work we do.

Contact LosAngelesBabes now and book with us. There is no reason to waste any more of your time. The sooner your contact us, the better and more completely we can make arrangements for you. We are eagerly waiting to give you the dating experience of a lifetime. Contact us now and get the ball rolling.

Your Los Angeles Escort Is Your Ticket to Adventure

Here at LosAngelesBabes.com, we have assembled an incredible team of sexy young talent. Our women live to have new adventures. They absolutely adore the opportunity to meet new people, to get to know them, and to go out and have a good time with them. We spend a lot of time screening, grooming, and training our talent to make sure that every single thing about them is well suited to giving you the best escort experience possible. It isn’t enough for them to just go out with you and spend time with you. It isn’t enough for them to focus on you to the exclusion of all else. They’ve also got to enjoy themselves doing it. We want them to be fun, we want them to be engaging, we want them to be sexy, sophisticated, and stimulating, and we want them to be the kind of women you dream about when you’re alone at night. Our typical Los Angeles escort has the personality, the temperament, the imagination, and the stamina to be a good time to everyone. She’ll make sure your date goes well, she’ll help you build happy memories that will last a lifetime, and she’ll help you relax so that you can truly enjoy your time out. Whether you are a first-timer in the escort game or you are an old hand at taking out our lovely girls, we will see to it that your experience is second to none. That is the pleasure that we get from doing our jobs well.

Every LosAngelesBabes.com girl will make you the happiest man you have been in a long time. Each and every one of our girls, on our staff and in our extended network, is a professional entertainer who understands how to fulfill a man’s fantasies. She also understands how to treat him with the respect he deserves and give him the kind of experience that he will find memorable. All our girls are carefully selected for their abilities and their personalities. We want girls who naturally enjoy what they do. We want them to find their jobs as stimulating and enjoyable as you find spending time with them. Not every girl is cut out to be a Los Angeles escort, but those who are have proven to be valuable to our clients in a way that you will find makes a definite impression.

One of things you can count on our girls to do is to always take you seriously, always show you respect, and always listen to you. Our girls will never laugh at you. They will never criticize you in any way. They will never share your secret desires or fantasies with anybody else, and we will always treat with the highest regard the sacred agreement that is your trust and faith in us as our client. Your desires are your right as a human being. Every single man and woman has his or her own desires and fantasy scenarios. Your Los Angeles escort is the vehicle through which you will live out your desires and finally achieve all of your wildest dreams.

We imagine that you have probably been having daydreams for your whole life about the scenarios you would most like to live out in the company of a beautiful young woman. What dating scenarios do you have already all picked out in your head? We would like to hear about them. We imagine you know just how you want your beautiful young woman to look like. You have probably imagined her in a very specific kind of dress or outfit. You probably have opinions about her body shape and measurements, her hair and its styling, and everything else that embodies for you the type of sexy young woman that you want. Look at the beautiful women on our pages. You know that you would love to spend time with one or all of them. And of course spending time with our beautiful young women definitely has its benefits. You can step out on the town and be seen with them, certainly, but the added benefit of being with our young ladies is that you can spend time with them talking to them.

Most men only rarely, if ever, have had the attention of a truly beautiful woman. When you date our girls, you can have them all to yourself, spending the time to talk with them, get comfortable with them, get to know who they are as people, and just generally bask in the warm glow of their company. This is something that you’ll find, probably to your surprise, is much better and much more fun than trying to meet a woman the old fashioned way. When you go out trying to meet women and trying to get their attention, chances are good that you’ll spend a lot of time being brushed off and rejected. A lot of women, especially in groups, take special delight in shooting down a man who is trying to get their attention. This attitude seems counter-productive to us, but then, a lot of women don’t really seem to understand that the way they treat men is tailor made to ensure that they’ll die alone surrounded by cats one day in their old age.

The fact is that most women behave like overgrown children, really. Society has taught them that simply because they have vaginas and men want to be with them, they can demand free things, be treated like princesses, never pay for anything if they don’t want to, and never take responsibility for their actions. This never taking responsibility is a very big problem. Just listen to the radio sometime and really take a good long listen to the lyrics of the popular songs. There are songs all about women demanding that their future husbands always tell them that they are right, always give in to their demands, tolerate them when they are unreasonable and even crazy, and generally worship the ground they walk on, no matter how hostile, critical, or unpleasant the woman is. Our society is grooming an entire generation of young women to be arrogant, entitled, and hostile to men, while at the same time printing article after article in popular women’s magazines about the tips and tricks these women are expected to employ in order to snare a man of their own. It doesn’t make sense, but then, it doesn’t have to make sense. When was the last time you met a woman who made sense? And shouldn’t it worry you that you know exactly what we’re talking about when we say that?

Another issue for the modern man is that women today are trained to think of every advance by a man as somehow hostile, oppression, an invitation to rape, or some patriarchal, chauvinistic attempt to treat women poorly. A while ago there was a viral video sensation in which an angry faced woman stomped around a major city refusing to talk to any of the men who tried to chat her up. Naturally, the men who spoke to her and were rudely ignored sometimes reacted rudely in return. The video was circulated as evidence of the “street harassment” that women face when they are walking around… and never you mind that an attractive woman should expect to be chatted up by healthy young men who see her and try to see if they can score a date with her. The very idea that an attractive woman would be offended that men find her attractive and try to talk to her is offensive in and of itself.

After all, an entire industry exists to sell women on the idea that they need to be more attractive. Everything from the tremendously busy cosmetics industry to cosmetic surgery to quack schemes and cures to make you look better or younger is all targeted at women who are insecure about their looks. The prettiest women pose for these commercials, showing off glowing skin, blindingly white teeth, and lustrous hair that can’t possibly look like real hair looks at the end of a day. And women lap all this up, convinced that if they just buy the right products, eat the right gluten-free food, or otherwise hop onto any of a million popular culture fads, they’ll be attractive enough to lure a mate.

Then, when women find that they are attractive enough to get the attention of men, they get angry when the attention of men isn’t up to their standards. Women love to put down men who they believe aren’t worthy. Is that man too short? He’s pathetic. Oh, is that man overweight? He’s a slob who doesn’t deserve to be with a woman who can obviously do better. Is that man poor? Well, too bad; no woman wants a man who can’t pay for everything and keep her in the fashion to which she has become accustomed. Dating the old fashioned way only brings you this type of woman. They are not a good date. They are angry, they expect to be given everything, and they give almost nothing in return. If they do give you anything to show for all your time and effort, they expect this to be license to control you for as long as they decide you are worth it. When they are done with you, they will discard you without a second thought, and at the least opportune time.

Don’t settle for failed methods of dating. You want our gorgeous Los Angeles escorts. Nothing is more important to us than making sure you get your fantasies fulfilled and that you get the respect that you deserve. Your fantasies, your secret desires, and everything you prefer… these are all your specific domain. We will never judge you for feeling the way you do and we will never do anything to violate the trust between us. You are our client and we value you above all else. Our girls are experienced and skilled, yes, but they are also very friendly, and earnestly so. They live to please you and they love to meet new people. Your Los Angeles escort is a skilled professional entertainer who loves to listen to you and be kind to you. She can be encouraging and she can be kind. She will be happy to talk with you about whatever subject your heart desires. If you are new to the escort game, she will walk you through every aspect of the process and make sure you know what you are getting into. Your Los Angeles escort will put your needs first and show you the respect that you so honestly deserve.

Your Los Angeles Escort Will Show You The Respect You Want and Need

Your Los Angeles escort knows how to treat you right. It’s a sad fact that many men have never really felt the kind of incredible respect that our Los Angeles escorts have to offer them. Honestly, many of our clients really have no idea what to do with themselves when they find themselves alone in a room with a beautiful woman who is ready and capable to focus on him for the duration of the booking. Most men have been told for their entire lives that everything they want is somehow wrong or bad. They are told to suppress their feelings and that they shouldn’t give vent to them to avoid showing weakness. They have also be told that if they want to be regarded as “real men,” they have to sacrifice their own desires and needs and wants, instead giving to others and always putting themselves last. This means that someone else is always happy at the man’s expense, and he is always made to feel pushed around. They’ve been conditioned to believe they are selfish if they go after something they want for themselves, if they indulge their desires, or if they put themselves first on one of those rare occasions when this actually happens.

At LosAngelesBabes.com, we encourage you to fulfill your fantasies in a guilt-free, judgment-free environment where you are treated like a king. Yes, we want you to enjoy yourself, but beyond that, we want to show you what an incredible experience it is when somebody puts your needs first for a change. When you go out with one of our Los Angeles escorts, there is absolutely no stress and no pressure on you. If the date goes well, or if something goes wrong and has to be corrected, that’s the responsibility of your professional entertainer, not you. It is part of her job as your escort to make sure that your time together is everything that you want it to be. She is there also to ensure that you have so much fun while out with her that you will want to become our repeat client and come back to us again and again when you want feminine companionship. Honestly, if we cannot do that, if we cannot prove that we are worthy of your repeat business, then we are not worthy of your time and your money. We will prove to you that you have chosen well when you go with us.

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend an entire evening being treated like the king of your own personal little kingdom? Whether you are out and about on the town enjoying yourself with your Los Angeles escort, or you are spending some quiet time at your home or hotel in order to get to know your young lady in a more intimate setting, your needs will be front and center in your Los Angeles escort’s mind. You will want for nothing by the time she is done with you, and you will definitely be left feeling like you got your money’s worth from the booking. Your escort would be more than happy to spend some time getting to know who you are as a person. She loves getting to know new people. She isn’t just pretending to have fun; she is actually enjoying herself and having a good time right along with you. She loves her job and has been selected for the fact that she likes doing what she does. We wouldn’t have her on staff if she didn’t, and that’s all part of our promise to you. We are very interested in whether you have a good time, but more than that, we want to foster the kind of environment where everyone involved, from the client to the escort herself, is genuinely enjoying life. The most fulfilling time you’ve ever spent in the company of a lovely young woman starts when you spend time with one of our girls. You need to contact us and get the process started so that we can show you just how incredible dating a Los Angeles escort can be.

During the time that you spend with your lovely Los Angeles escort, you can relax because absolutely nothing is asked of you. We place no demands on your time. Your young lady will similarly expect nothing of you except that you enjoy yourself. When a man avails himself of our service, he does not return to the conventional, traditional method of dating, because he knows that booking a Los Angeles escort is better than anything he has done before. All of our clients, in fact, understand that by booking with us, they get to spend time in the company of a beautiful young woman without wasting any of their precious time on the laborious process of trying to meet women, trying to get those women to go out with them, developing longer-term dating relationships with those women, or any of the other nonsense that goes along with trying to find someone the “normal” way. When you book one of our girls, you get a high-quality woman and you waste no time and no money. Reaching out to us gives you the chance to have everything you have always wanted, but on your terms.

Reach out to us today and let us book the time of a lifetime for you. Look through our profile pages and select the gorgeous young woman who has the qualities that you desire. Please give us the chance to make you the happiest you have ever been in your life. We hope you’ll give us as much lead time as possible, because the more time we have to make your booking ready, the more closely we can address all of your preferences and needs. We want to make sure that the only limits on your booking are your imagination. Whatever you and your Los Angeles escort are willing to do together, that’s your business. We want you to have fun. Booking a Los Angeles escort is a gateway to an experience unlike any you have had before. We want you to build memories with your Los Angeles escort that will last for the rest of your life.

Be honest with yourself. Do you enjoy meeting women the old-fashioned way, constantly held hostage to what somebody else wants, always putting your needs last? Chances are good that you are because most men are sick and tired of being at somebody else’s mercy for their romantic lives. The woman is always the one who has to be pursued. She expects the man to do all the work, and most men have been trained since birth to do just that. Most modern women have been trained by society to test her man endlessly, making sure at all times that he is worthy. Men who seek the company of women in the old, conventional, traditional manner do so constantly begging for a woman’s attention and approval. They fight to impress her enough to get a date, then to get another, and then to get another, and all they get in return for all this time and attention is that the woman feels free to spend the man’s money and put all her problems on him. Dating the conventional way means signing on to all a woman’s problems as if you are her parent, not her significant other. We treat women like overgrown toddlers in modern society, absolving them of all responsibility for their actions, and they in turn feel free to abuse and criticize the men from whom they are constantly sucking a steady flow of cash.

Don’t accept this old fashioned way of doing things. Don’t give in to this method of dating or of meeting women. When you book a Los Angeles escort, all of these negative interactions are out of the picture. When you book the time of one of our girls, you immediately get her attention and focus for the duration of that booking. If you like her and you want to see her again, all you have to do is book her again. The pressure is off of you completely. You can pick a favorite girl and see her over and over again, or you can sample all of the delights our stable of talent has to offer. At LosAngelesBabes.com, what matters is that our clients are happy. We will move mountains if we have to do so to make sure this is true.

Let us prove to you that we are worthy of your time and your money. Let us give you the attention of some of the most lovely women in the world. It’s as simple as booking your beautiful young woman. Let us show you how incredible the process can be. No matter how often you book with us, you will be amazed at the quality of the ladies we have to offer. The luscious women of LosAngelesBabes.com are here to thrill and amaze you.

Why haven’t you booked with us already? We think it’s long past time that you did. When you book with us, you get a ticket to the most wonderful adventure you’ve ever had. Every man wants to be around beautiful women. When you book with us, you get the most stunningly gorgeous woman or women you could ever want to spend time with… and you get the added benefit of the fact that they are focused on you completely. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have such gorgeous women lavishing attention on you? It’s an amazing experience to go out with our girls… and we think you should start paging through our bio pages right now. Get to know our young ladies. Look at their quotes. Look at their sexy pictures. Pick the one that best speaks to you, who most fires your passions. Once you have made your selection, we will show you the kind of time you have always wanted to have. We will prove to you that booking a Los Angeles escort is superior to every other form of feminine companionship. The adventure of a lifetime starts when you contact us. Don’t delay any longer!

The Traditional Dating Process Fails Almost Every Time

Are you considering booking the time of a beautiful Los Angeles escort? You may be hesitating. That’s perfectly normal. Especially if you’ve never booked a Los Angeles escort before, you may be wondering if it is right for you. And on some level, you may be thinking that you are a reasonably good looking man of reasonably decent means, so why shouldn’t you able to find a woman to date and spend time with on your own? You may be thinking that rather than hiring a Los Angeles escort, you will simply use the traditional, conventional dating process to find a woman who will spend time with you. And if you do that, you think, you will eventually find a woman who is suitable. Won’t you? Well, that’s kind of the problem. The traditional dating process, the old-fashioned conventional way of dating, is something that has been sold to you from birth as the thing that people do to find a female companionship. You’ve been taught by your peers, your parents, your co workers, and countless other forces in popular culture and society that the traditional dating process is simply how a man meets a woman and that there are no real viable alternatives… just variations on a theme. But without exception, this is false. The traditional, conventional method of dating and relationships does not benefit you. It puts you, the man, at a disadvantage each and every time it is tried. And even if you achieve the goal of finding some kind of a relationship through the traditional dating process, you will then find that there’s a very real danger in getting what you wished for.

So how does the traditional, conventional dating process, compared to Los Angeles escorts, truly fail men? Its starts with the way the process is expected to work. That is to say, compared to Los Angeles escorts, even if the traditional dating process works as it is supposed to work, you are still not going to enjoy the process. It begins when you try to find the sorts of places where single women go. These are generally bars, nightclubs, singles’ mixers, and those sorts of places. Yes, you’ve been told that you might also be able to “meet cute” by picking up a woman at the coin-operated laundry or at a grocery store or some nonsense like that, but be honest with yourself. That kind of thing happens only in movies. You are not going to have some adorable story to tell about the woman that you met; you need simply to go somewhere that has the largest group of potentially eligible women whom you might, and we stress might, be able to chat with and strike up a meaningful conversation with. So you’ll end up spending your time in bars and nightclubs and places like that, simply hanging around, hoping that you’ll eventually see a woman who seems worth approaching. This is only the very start of a very lengthy process that is full of stress, anxiety, wasted money, and wasted time.

Now that you’re in a club, bar, or some other venue, the pain starts in earnest. You must spend hour after hour merely sitting and waiting. You are hoping for someone to come along who is worth approaching, but you are the mercy of the traffic. If there is no one in the bar who is attractive and receptive, there is nothing you can do but wait for the landscape to change. So you sit, and you wait, and with each passing hour, your evening evaporates more and more. You spend money on cover charges and drinks, so your presence in that bar or nightclub is not free. There is also a terrible “opportunity cost” associated with going to a bar or nightclub versus booking a Los Angeles escort. That is that the whole time you are in that bar or nightclub waiting to meet a woman, you are wasting hours that you can never get back. You cannot effectively use those hours for anything else. It’s not as if you’re going to bring your tablet or laptop to the bar to get some work done while you are waiting. No man would experience any success if he sat around being distracted like that. You can’t use that time to have fun, to rest and relax, or to do anything else, either. You’re trapped in that club or bar, drinking overpriced and watered down drinks, listening to music in the dark (and the music isn’t even that good). The hours crawl slowly by and, given how likely you are on any given day to interact with a woman who is worth talking to (which is not very likely on any given day), so that means you’re going to have to repeat this process on another night, and another, and another. The wasted time quickly adds up and represents a huge block of your time and your life that you cannot get back once you have wasted it.

When you do see a woman who strikes your fancy, you now have certain challenges and obstacles to meet. For one thing, you are competing with every other man in the venue. Booking the time of a Los Angeles escort is so much easier compared to what you must cope with when you’re trying to meet a woman this way. But once you have identified a woman in a club or bar whom you might like to talk to, then you have to figure out how to get her attention. This is when you start spending more money. You’ll buy drinks for countless girls. Some will be appreciative and some will not. Some will gladly let you buy them drinks but have no intention of things going any farther with you. An attractive woman always knows she can drink for free, because men who want her attention will always be buying drinks for her. You’ll also be fighting the distractions that she faces. All those other men, her friends, her phone, and anything going on the area will be something that could potentially distract her when you try to strike up a conversation with her. At any moment, the delicate thread that connects the two of you while you are chatting could be broken. Where will that leave you when that happens? Why, back where you started, with all the time and money and effort you’ve put into the process up to now lost forever. You’ll have nothing to show for it and you’ll be worse off than you were before.

Oh, and let’s talk about the young lady’s friends for a moment. Most women travel in groups in clubs and bars. Pick up artists call a group of women a “set,” and it is very difficult to approach a set of women compared to a single woman. That is because women, together, tend to make sport of rejecting men. They like to show off for each other and they don’t like to admit weakness. That is why they pretend they don’t like any of the men that approach them, and why they act as if they are doing the men a favor just by speaking to them. Women are very insecure and compete with each other a great deal. When a group of women goes out together, it is virtually guaranteed that any pair or more of women will always “gang up” to speak ill of another of their number. It is just the nature of women to be catty and false that way. But part of their competition amongst each other is feigning that they don’t actually desire the company of eligible men. So they reject the men that approach them, rudely and arrogantly, hoping they can “score points” with their fellow females by shooting down a man where the others can see. You walk up to a table of girls trying to talk to one of them… and the others, jealous that they are not the ones getting the attention, will try to help her shut you down before you can eve begin. You could call it “cock blocking for sport,” and you would not be wrong. It is a mystery as to why women would work against their own benefit in this way. They are completely illogical as amateurs. Only as Los Angeles escorts do they have the training and commitment to treat you properly and give you a good time by comparison.

Let’s say you do manage to get through all of those distractions, the rejections, the interference from her friends, the possible distractions from the environment, the competing males who are also trying to get her attention, and so on. Now you are finally talking to her and she is responding to your conversation. Well, the process is far from over. Now you must actually successfully engage this woman in a conversation that hopefully leads to you getting her number or some other means of contacting her outside of this bar or nightclub. So you must then navigate a minefield of possibly contentious subjects. You know that if you say anything at all she does not like, if you offend her in any way, if you have any opinions that she doesn’t approve of, she could decide that you are not the guy for her and leave you high and dry. She can just walk away at any time, or give you a fake phone number, or reject you to your face. There will always be other guys approaching her, especially if she is very attractive. She knows this and has developed a poor attitude because of it. She, like so many women, feels entitled to your attention and sees no reason to be particularly grateful for it. There will always be other guys and she will move on to the next one at a moment’s notice, regardless of how that makes you feel or what it ends up costing you in wasted time and money. This is just the nature of the traditional dating process. Wouldn’t booking a Los Angeles escort be a much better way of securing feminine companionship? We certainly think it would be.

If by some miracle you actually manage to get her number, now the text message dance begins. You and this potential short-term or even long-term relationship will spend a great deal of time trying to negotiate another date. You’ll wonder if she is getting your messages. You’ll exchange meaningless small talk. You’ll try to interpret her stupid floods of emoji symbols and cryptic responses. And eventually, maybe, if you are very lucky, you’ll schedule a one on one date. If you’re not lucky, you’ll go through that process of messaging for however long you do and then have nothing to show for it, which is unfortunate. But if you do schedule a date, now the real chore begins. You’ll have to actually restart the same “interview” process all over again, but now there are no other distractions (except for the ones that take her mind off your date together, like her phone messages and so on). You’ll have to again be on your best behavior, avoiding anything and everything that might set her off or annoy her. You don’t dare say anything controversial. You’ll argue with yourself over whether you dare say anything honest. Until she gets to know you, until she feels at least a little invested in the interaction, she’s basically just out for a night’s entertainment and a free meal. Oh, did we not mention that? The whole time you are trying not to offend her, you are paying for everything. The traditional dating process says the man must pay for everything. Nothing about this process is enjoyable. It is like being on pins and needles the entire time. You are simply hoping you do not make a mistake that will ruin everything and leave you with nothing to show for all your time and effort.

But let’s say you do navigate this very difficult little field of potential failure to come out the other side. What have you earned when you do? You have gotten the honor of… another date. That’s right; your dating process becomes an endless session of trying to impress that woman, gaining her attention, keeping that attention, impressing her with how much money you can spend on her, avoiding anything that might make her angry or disappointed, including any opinion she doesn’t like for any reason, and then hoping against hope that at the end of the night you have done enough work to gain the privilege of yet one more date. This process then repeats if you get the next date. You go on date after date, enduring this endless “job interview,” and you must suffer through the stress and anxiety of it all. Your reward for going through all of that stress, all of that anxiety, all of that expense, and all of that work… is getting to do it all over again. Finally, when you have done it enough times, when you have worked hard enough to work your way into that woman’s good graces, when you have spent enough money, sent enough flowers, bought enough meals, and paid for enough show tickets, you might actually make a romantic connection and things might get considerably more physical. Then you are first in a short-term relationship and then a long-term relationship. You’ve won the dating game. You’ve finally succeeded. Or have you?

The problem with traditional relationships is that relationships simply aren’t that enjoyable. When you go through that long and laborious process of securing a woman whose company you hope to enjoy, and you enter into a short-term or long-term relationship, you have gotten the worst thing in the world: You have gotten exactly what you wanted. Instead of booking the time of a Los Angeles escort, you are now locked into a relationship with someone who will treat you with contempt, disdain, and control. Don’t believe us? Take a look at anyone who is in a relationship. Yes, there is always the “honeymoon” period in any relationship, in which both parties believe they are going to be happy together. But this quickly ends, and what the man in any relationship usually finds out is that he has signed up for a new boss in his life. Most of us don’t like our bosses. We resent the amount of power they have over us. We resent that we must live in fear of incurring their displeasure. If you do not do as your boss instructs, you will lose your job. If you lose your job, you will lose your ability to make a living. You will lose status and face in front of your peers and family. Your life will, at least for a little while, be over. That is how many people feel when they lose their jobs. It is the reason we deeply resent those people who have power over us. Nobody really likes their boss, even if their boss is a relatively nice person. We all want to be free of the control of others. We all want to feel like we are autonomous human beings.

Women in relationships are like bosses. There have been studies done that show that women are far more controlling than men in relationships. The reason for this is not clear, but the result is very clear. Ask any man who has been married, or in a relationship with a woman, for any length of time. That man will be able to relate instantly to the idea that he is being controlled by his woman. She tells him what he is allowed to do. She tells him how much fun he is allowed to have. If he wants to spend time with his friends, he must get her permission. If he wants to make changes or decisions that relate to his life, he must get clearance from her. Everything he does is subject to her oversight and her control. And for some reason, we have come to accept this as the normal way that relationships are run. In fact, if a man does not submit to this kind of control from his woman, he is told that he is a bad person. He is told that he is not doing his part to commit to the relationship and “compromise.” That’s right: the normal state of affairs for a “healthy” relationship is supposed to be a man who is submitting completely to the domination of his woman. But if a man treated a woman in relationships the way we expect women to treat men, he would be reviled as a controlling monster. The fact is, women in relationships can be an absolute nightmare. And the problems only start with how much that woman will be trying to control you in your life.

You see, the bigger problem for you is that relationships, and women who are not professionals like Los Angeles escorts, are really something of a nightmare. Think about the average woman. The more attractive she is, the crazier she is. That’s because attractive women quickly learn that they are in high demand. In their amateur personal lives, they learn to push men around by using their desirable natures as leverage. They tell men what to do, they blackmail the ones they are in relationships with by withholding their affection, and they generally use the men around them to get what they want. An attractive woman can walk into any bar and drink for free, as long as there are men around who will find her desirable and buy her drinks to try and gain her favor. An attractive woman knows her man wants to please her because when she is happy, she will do nice things for him, or at least be less contemptuous and critical. Men crave the approval of their romantic partners, and attractive amateur women have learned through many years of long experience that by withholding this approval, they have a considerable amount of leverage over the men in their lives.

As a result, entering into any relationship with a woman is an exercise in trying to preserve your peace of mind while constantly trying to appease her. The harder you work, generally speaking, the worse off you will be. That is because women hate weakness (we’ll explain why in the section on evolutionary psychology). The more you let her push you around, the weaker you appear, the more she will push you around. It is a vicious cycle. And even if your woman is not dominating your every waking minute, controlling your leisure time, making you dance to her tune, and generally keeping your testicles in her purse, she’d still expect you to do things for her that you would never tolerate from a woman you were not in a relationship with. In other words, she will bring all her emotional baggage, drama, and issues into the relationship. She will expect you to drop everything and assist her if she has a problem… and most women have plenty of problems. They have all sorts of emotional issues. If your lady has problems with her family, you suddenly will be expected to deal with them. If she has debts, you suddenly are responsible for helping her to pay for them. If she has any other issues, you will be expected to do something about them. Every relationship is simply an exercise in unpleasantness. It is not a question of if, but when, a relationship becomes more trouble than it is worth. Is it any wonder that divorce rates are so high, and that those who stay clear of becoming married are generally not able to stay in long-term not married relationships?

There is a better alternative to all of this. The traditional dating process, from start to end, is by far inferior to dating Los Angeles escorts. When you book the time of one of our lovely Los Angeles escorts, you don’t have to tolerate any of these disadvantages. There is no anxiety or stress. There is no hassle. There are no obligations or strings attached. Your lovely Los Angeles escort will show up when you want her, stay only as long as you desire her presence, and leave promptly when the booking is over. She will treat you with respect throughout every part of the booking. She understands how little respect that men get in the course of traditional dating… and she knows that she can provide the solution to that problem. If you’re finally tired of the raw deal that every man gets when it comes to the time, the expense, the waste, and the stress of traditional dating, then Los Angeles escorts from Los Angeles Babes are the solution to your problem. Don’t be a sucker. Don’t take the same old traditional way of dating at face value. Don’t put up with the hassle and the stress! You deserve better. You deserve Los Angeles escorts. Contact us today and leave the traditional dating world behind. You will be so very glad you did… and our lovely young ladies will be thrilled to meet you. This is the beauty of going out with one of our incredible escorts rather than pinning your hopes on the conventional method of dating and relationships. Stop beating your head against a brick wall… and start getting the female companionship you have always desired.

Imagine that you could date on your timetable and on your terms. Imagine that you could go out with a woman whose job was to please you. Imagine that you could finally get the respect you have never gotten in a relationship before. Imagine that you could spend time in the presence of a gorgeous, alluring, enticing, exciting woman who loves to get to know you and who is down for anything you might enjoy… and you can do it all with none of the negatives of traditional dating. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance to make that change in your life? Doesn’t that represent everything you have ever wanted in female companionship? And the fact is, you desire that female companionship. You desire closeness, proximity, to lovely ladies. You wouldn’t be human and a man if you did not. Every man wants to spend time with sexy young women. No matter how old he gets, he fantasizes about women in their prime. He wants lovely young women who may even be, in some circumstances, completely out of his league. Well, we get that… and we’re willing to help you! We will gladly put you in touch with sexy young women who represent everything you have ever wanted in a woman. They are sexy, they are fun, they are exciting, and they are supportive. They know just how to make you happy, and they know that their outing with you hinges on their ability to make you feel valued.

Have you ever been put first in any relationship? Have you ever felt what it feels like for your lady friend to make sure it is you who is happy? Have you ever gone out with an attractive woman and felt there was no stress, no pressure, and no problems to be dealt with? When was the last time you could just sit back, relax, and revel in the experience that was dating, truly enjoying it for a change? We’re willing to bet that it has been a long time since you felt any of that… if you have felt it at all. Los Angeles escorts represent true freedom for men who are tired of constantly toeing someone else’s line. When you book Los Angeles escorts, you finally take back your romantic life. Be the one in control. Get the female companionship that you want. Book your fabulous Los Angeles escort right now. Don’t delay any longer. Contact us!

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